Saturday, December 1, 2018

Things to Do in London - December Edit | Aditi's Pen

Make it a December to Remember!

How did it get so late so soon? I can hear everyone saying. But I am not complaining. December is lined up with very merry events. From something to fire up my creative belly to tingle my taste buds at the many Christmas markets in the city!

So, here's my December Edit of Things to do in London. These are all the events I plan to attend; there is so much to do in this city and this by no means is an exhaustive list, just me on my mini adventures this month.

Saturday, November 24, 2018

Finding Autumn Magic in the New Forest | Aditi's Pen

If you follow me on Instagram, you'll know I'm a teeny bit obsessed with Autumn. The transition from the greens of summer to the stunning autumn colours is magical. And though this cosy weather is on its way out, we held on to it a tad bit longer as we spent a day in New Forest a few weeks back.

Only about a 90-minute train ride from London’s Waterloo Station, the New Forest was the perfect base for us to enjoy long woodland walks, snug reading nights in front of a crackling fireplace, and leisurely pub dinners.

“Autumn carries more gold in its pocket than all the other seasons.” 
― Jim Bishop

Saturday, November 3, 2018

Things to Do in London - November Edit | Aditi's Pen

We are in November! The days are getting shorter, the nights colder, the leaves are turning from a golden yellow to rusty orange, the cafes are smelling of pumpkin spices, and there is a smell of new adventure in the air.

I am looking forward to this month; we are planning a woodland getaway next weekend to capture the essence of autumn, and I am also looking forward to a few sparkling events in London.

November is the month where London starts prepping for Christmas. I have already planned to wander around at the end of this month to capture the Christmas lights and decorations in the city.
(Last year's 'Christmas in London' wanderings are still on my Instagram highlights, if you fancy a view!)

So, here's my November Edit of Things to do in London. These are all the events I plan to attend; there is so much to do in this city and this by no means is an exhaustive list, just me on my mini adventures this month.

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Escape London - Fighting All Odds to Get to the King's Throne

"When you play the game of thrones, you win or you die."
- Cersei, Game of Thrones

Well, we came out alive and well after a fun 60 minutes of solving puzzles at Escape London, Shepherds Bush, in an escape room loosely based on 'Game of Thrones' called 'Overthrone'.

Monday, September 24, 2018

Chasing the Last Bit of Summer Across the English Coast

A week back, we explored the timeless Edwardian seaside town of Bexhill-on-Sea. We had booked the trip at the very last minute, and our only plan was to relax by the sea, soaking in the tranquil surroundings.

But at every step, the town surprised us, enticed us. From its rich history, picturesque coastal walks to rich art and architecture, Bexhill sure came out to be East Sussex's best kept secret.

On a clear sunny Sunday afternoon, we took a leisurely 4 miles walk from Bexhill to St Leonards, stopping in between to immerse in the coastal views - the beach huts, crashing waves, playful seagulls, fisherman's lines hanging off the pebbled beach, children with big happy smiles holding even bigger ice-creams, dogs playing catch - just all things joyous.

Sharing few pictures from our walk.

Monday, August 27, 2018

Thirty-Two. Act-Two.

Thirty-Two. Act-Two.

When I turned thirty, the number didn't bother me. The big 30 didn't seem that big; the transition from 20s to 30s was pretty smooth and not life-altering in any manner (no sobbing in the shower, no panic attacks, nothing like the movies/books/sitcoms would have us believe).

But then, I quit my job in November, partly as I needed to be home with family, but mostly because I needed to do things for myself. No, I wasn't going through the 'turning-30-crisis' or 'quarter-life-crisis' as some call it.

I was however learning to beTo be proud of who I am, what I believe in and how I see the world. To be imperfect, messy, confused, but always trying. Always trying, to better myself.

Society has created a timeline that pressures women into believing we must have everything figured out and accomplished by a certain age. But I enjoy swimming against the tide, and while most people said to me you can't start over at 30, I said why the hell not! Every single day grants you the opportunity to start over, and so I took a dive and swam towards the kind of life that would make me happier and fulfilled.

Last week I celebrated turning 32, and as I sat with a cake in my hand, going through all the lovely and warm birthday wishes sent from all parts of the world, from friends and family, I couldn't help but feel grateful!

With age, I am learning to be. With age, I am learning to choose a life of abundance, gratitude, and of self-worth.

So, this is my thirty-two something list. Things I've gained perspective on, things I'm still figuring out. Lessons learnt and few things I've had to unlearn.

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Soulmates, Let Them Be Who and What They are Meant to Be

"See, you make me believe in something..." 

"Something like love?" 

"I can't say. But we do belong together, on some level." 

"Belong lovers?" 

"Like lovers, or as friends, or as something entirely different." 

"Yes, like we light each other's lives." 

"Yes, like we awaken each other's souls." 

"I know what you mean." 

"I know you do!" 

A soulmate is not necessarily a bond with a significant other, or even a friend. That connection, that bond, is often indefinable, but it's a rare and precious thing in life to find, don’t you think?

I have been lucky to have found such connections. Every person has different layers to their personality, and I believe we find different bits of ourselves in different people. We connect with them, sometimes in most unexpected situations, at times when you need them the most. They inspire you in some ways, give you hope and you share a part of your soul with them.

Read the full article on Unreadmag's latest issue -

Unread magazine has been put together by a group of like-minded creative individuals; each writer has a unique voice and I am blessed to be in such talented company. The above link will lead directly to my article but do check out the other carefully crafted and inspiring articles in there, from interviews to poetry travel guides and more!

Happy Reading!

Thursday, August 9, 2018

The White Cliffs & the Sea Air

We are sisters, lovers, mothers...
We are gentle, creative, receptive...
We are the seven sisters.
Take our hand,
walk with us
under the dramatic skies.
Revel in the views,
the white cliffs & the sea air.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

A Scenic Walk through Richmond | #AditisPen

Walking in London, gives me the greatest joy - each street, each lane way, each park, has a hidden secret that you’ll only find on foot. And I love exploring London neighborhoods this way. Wear my comfy shoes, get my camera out, hop on the tube to discover the charms of a new place.

A few days back, I visited Richmond, an endearing village, way at the end of the District Line in southwest London. And though my first time there, I fell in love with all its beauty. The grassy river bank with wine glasses clinking at a distance, buskers playing their favorite tunes hypnotizing Londoners under the glistening sun, dogs taking a swim, keen kayakers cruising across the River Thames, children running around leafy bushes and climbing atop trees having their mini summer adventure, the busy high street with unique coffee shops and shopping delights, and up the Richmond Park adorable dogs chasing squirrels, and if you are lucky, spotting a deer or two roaming freely in the wild.

I felt like capturing every moment; here are few scenes from my day out in Richmond. Hope you enjoy the video!

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

The Hills, Valleys and Happiness Abound | #AditisPen

Last month we took a road trip through Yorkshire. What a memorable trip it was; my happiness knew no bounds surrounded by the greens of the hills and valleys, the tender silence of nature, the bundles of cotton swaying gently into the blues of summer skies and the laughter and madness that comes with travelling with the people you love!

Here's a little travel journal film that I made, hope you enjoy it!

We traveled without a plan, looking up where to go just minutes before sitting in the car and driving into the wild. There are an abundance of places to see in South Yorkshire and great trekking paths. Here's what we touched over the long weekend.