Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Kayaking through London Canals with Secret Fitness

It's a Friday evening. I'm wading through the rush hour and rushing to catch the tube to Central London to meet up with few folks from the Love Pop Up Community. There is a secret man who'll be there we are told; it's all very hush hush!

I reach just in time and there outside the Angel station standing in the middle of eager adventurers is Chris from Secret Fitness.

Founded by Chris Saw, Secret Fitness presents unique sporting & fitness experiences set in secret locations throughout London to encourage people to break away from the ordinary, find a life outside of London’s gyms, offices, and discover exciting new and unusual activities that will build both confidence and fitness.

Knowing that it is a secret fitness event, I'm a bit anxious. But Chris gives all of us a warm welcome, puts us at ease and then leads us into the unknown. We walk past buildings, cars and people. I am trying to look for hints, what could our fitness activity really be? And ten minutes of curious walking later, I see the lovely Regent's Canal.

I guess boating and as we walk closer I see life jackets. So, is that it?

I don't know yet. We get on a motor boat... Ooo...I smell adventure!