Saturday, February 23, 2019

February And Traces Of You | Thought Catalog

My words can now be found on Thought Catalog! Here's a snippet from my poem 'February and Traces of You'

A pot of black coffee getting cold 
Scattered letters with missing feelings and some words. 
Ink stains on my hands and burn stains in my heart, 
I try and piece my broken heart together. 
I lost love and friendship, all at once, when you walked out; 
I’m not sure how to go on without you now, 
you were the one who was supposed to stay… 

Saturday, February 9, 2019

How to Explore the Best of Chinatown London in a Day

London's Chinatown is always bursting with energy. It is a riot of flavours, smells, textures and colours waiting to be explored. And with the start of the Year of the Pig (5th February) Londoners and tourists alike are heading to the city's Oriental wonderland, eating and drinking their way through dumplings, pig-shaped macarons and everything in between.

I spent last Saturday evening wandering through its many streets, and here's my list of the best of Chinatown London.