Saturday, November 4, 2017

Creating Balance

Since my last meltdown, I've been trying to find this balance. Balance between whom I wish to be and whom I need to be. Balance between my multiple passions. Balance between the highs and lows, the hopes and despairs...

The few changes that I've made recently seem to be going well. So far, so good, right?

The primary has been, focusing on having a more productive week, rather than a day. That way I don't beat myself up, if one day doesn't go as planned or if I allow myself to have an entire 'me' day of reading, binge watching my favourite TV series and sleeping.

Second is to finding purposefulness in each of my passions. How I did that was, sat my butt down and focused on what I wanted from each of my interests. Instead of dropping any of the things I love, I've come to realize that all my passions, be it writing or blogging or creative entrepreneurship or traveling or dancing, feed off each other. They all, at the end, fulfill a common dream - Telling a story that people believe in and get inspired. 

When I ask myself, am I an author, an entrepreneur, a blogger? The only answer that satisfies me is, Why can't I be all?

I tried, but the idea of 'finding my niche and focusing on just that' doesn't seem to work for me. I feel I'm at my best when challenged. And instead of following a unique path, walking all these contemporaneous paths is where I have to find my 'unique.'

I am reinventing, experimenting and finding myself in this path of creating balance between these portfolio of passions. Many bloggers I know, find a place for all their passions - they blog, have a side business or work full time, are a hands on Mom/Dad or manage a home, write or paint or dance along with everything else. Let me know your secret sauce to 'Creating Balance'? I will be featuring your comments in my next post on Tips to Creating Balance.

Also, I am looking for recommendations to some inspiring podcasts, especially related to writing and entrepreneurship. Do point me to some!


  1. Aditi, you sweetheart :) You are perfect the way you are. That's the first thing you should know. Doing everything can burn you out. So take things slow. That said, if you do have multiple passions and want to do justice to them, here are two simple tips:

    1. Time blocking: I am very particular about time blocks for each activity. This is a tip I learnt from Laura Vanderkam's article 'The Busy Person's Lies'. Everyone has 24 hours. Why do some people get more done than others? The answer is time blocking.

    2. The other thing is I only take up activities which interest me as a pastime. There are things I HAVE to do such as chores, work, cooking but these are not a passion. Blogging, daily walk, music (singing or listening), reading a book,- these are passions and I make time for them daily or weekly.

    The actual truth? Balance is a myth :) I learnt this the hard way. Balance implies that you give equal attention to everything. That's not possible. You give more attention to some things than others. But if at the end of the day you sleep in peace, feel content and have ticked off 3 important things on your list, that's as good as it can get :)

    Podcast reccos: Tim Ferris for entrepreneurship and Simon Sinek.
    Writing: Jessica Lahey

  2. I agree with Shy^ balance is a myth. You have a plan and you consistently stick to it and find a way to deal with curve balls as they come. That’s all the control you really have.

    And having a niche and sticking to it can be so confusing for people like you and I: how do we pick from the 3 dozen things that we seem to be interested in? I struggled with this for the longest time and now I’ve let go, i’ll write about what I feel like and if I really am genuine about my feelings, people will like it.

  3. Write what you want to and when you want to, that is the mantra that has worked really well for me. Trying to write about certain topics for goodies or just to fit in is what irks me. As long as you are honest about your feelings, I see no harm in doing what you love. I've been trying to find the perfect balance for years now. Today, I doubt if it exists.

  4. Good to see you sorted out. I am similar to you where I have multiple passions and a lack of time to do it all. Since I do not stick to schedules and deadlines for my hobbies, I have the flexibility to do what I want. I have observed that I am best when I am not too forced to do something. So, I read when I want to read, blog when I feel I have a topic. Its totally unorganised.

  5. I wish I could be so sorted out..loved the post Aditi :)

  6. Balance to me would be a day, or week, through which I've done a little bit of all that I love along with the necessary chores. I make a list of things I like to do - so if I've read a little, written a little, done my exercise and spent a little bit of fun time with the children I feel I've had a good day. Chores have a wahy of taking up all your day but setting aside time for each of our activities is how we'll squeeze them all in - after all everyone does chores it's the other thing that make up who we really are.

  7. I'm going to just keep it short Aditi;

    Don't try to do it all at once. And there's no need to bog yourself down with titles and stuff. Keep a list of things you want to do, and keep looking at it and mark them off as you do it; it'll give you a sense of achievement - even if they are chores.

    Good luck! And we're all here if you ever feel like talking.

  8. Great post Aditi. As someone who finds myself juggling many balls on a daily/weekly/monthly basis, I understand the need for focus. I have many things that I need to do during a day, many other things that I would like to do. Sometimes the needs outweigh the desires, but I still try to ensure that I get to do the things that I enjoy.

    I work from home, this can come with it's benefits and it's downfalls. If I want to go for a run, I can do so at 9am, 10am, or whenever my schedule suits. At the same time, the relaxed working times during the day can mean that I get overrun with work tasks, often starting at 8am and finishing when I go to bed. It's really easy to lose control, when I find that I'm not the one driving the car anymore I hit the hard reset (take a long holiday) and then when I get back, start again.

    My focus is to ensure that I get to do the things that I enjoy, because I enjoying vlogging I often merge my hobbies by vlogging them too.

    Simon, @sharemyyear

  9. I totally identify with what you said in this post. I have been trying to find balance in different aspects of my life for awhile now, with little success. Also, as you said one track of work or title doesn't seem to sit well with me either. Seems to be like a constantly evolving process.

  10. Aditi nice the way you are!!!

  11. I could see myself in your post as i read it. That is what i try to do always! Or rather say used to do. Now a days I follow a different plan altogether. Well not exactly a plan but i try to focus my energy on one aspect at-a-time and still make sure that i fulfill all those activities I want to do.

  12. Aditi, nice post. But to your question, this balance you are aiming for is illusory. I work full time in a senior role in an international bank but writing is what keeps me full of beans the entire day. Taking up writing besides my work and household chores forced me to think creative ways of managing my day. My biggest challenge so far is blocking quality "family time"!

  13. Hey this is Manisha. I truly believe in be the way you are. Do what you feel like, you can be doing multiple things at the same time. Some are great at it some may not be. Doing our best is whats in our hands. Good luck :)

  14. Hehe just what I have been thinking about recently. I want to learn dance, music, read, write and do my 6 days, 9 hour job. It is all overwhelming and I haven't figured out anything yet. But right now, I'm taking one thing at a time. I am trying to set a rhythm for blogging. Once it is done, I'll find out ways to cultivate my other hobbies. This post and these comments have lots of tips and wisdom and I could use them just like you. :D

  15. Life is never easy and I think we struggle for answers as we grow older. Take things at your pace, and do what makes you happy.

  16. Well, we all strive for balance in our lives but it is easier said than done. There are times when we are stretched for time, other times when we have to focus on one issue.... so there is no need to beat yourself up. Don't try too hard to be the best .... just do the best you can and your life will fall in place.