Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Pushing Past my Fears

I am going to write for myself today. I am going to push past my fears and write.

About feeling guilty, having low self-esteem and in all this feeling lonely.

July and August were months of hustle. We were creating something out of passion and worked furiously to launch India’s first dance inspired online store.  It has been received well. Since the launch, we have had a steady average of one order per day, which to me shows promise. As I write this, I have two bulk orders come in. Pushing forward, we’ve taken feedback from customers and are working on the next range of products which will be coming out soon.

Hustle. Harder. You. Will. Get. There.

But Where? Where exactly do I want to be?

Somewhere in the last few months - pushing myself, getting things done, creating endless list of to-do’s and ticking them off – I got disconnected. Disconnected from myself, from the bigger picture and purpose.