Sunday, May 28, 2017

'Love Scenes' captured by Dan Llywelyn Hall

We all have that one moment in our lives, the one that we'd like to carve in stone, or press between the pages of a book, or capture in some way to perfectly depict the mood of the scene, to make it timeless.

I know, I do.

And more often than not, these scenes are about love. Love, no doubt, is timeless. And when an artist like Dan Llwelyn Hall, uses love as his muse and picks up some of the greatest scenes in antiquity, literature and film to inspire him, the result is engulfing.

Lights of Soho, launched an exclusive exhibition of Llwelyn Hall's works, aptly called the 'Love Scenes', a collection of portrait paintings depicting the greatest love encounters through the ages - from Adam and Eve, to Cleopatra's seduction, to scenes from much loved films such as Casablanca and Ghost, to tragic love stories from history such as Laila-Majnu and Shirin-Farhad.

The brush strokes evoke many an emotion and as one passes from one painting to another, some offer instant recognition and a spark of romance is ignited while other offer contemplation as you recognize that love is not restricted to a said interpretation.

Ghost/ Pic courtesy: Lights of Soho

This collection of expressionist art on canvas, is a perfect addition to the gallery of Lights of Soho, a building that once that once was central to Paul Raymond and his adult publishing empire. Though the scenes of erotica and physical embodiments of love are not new to the venue, they are certainly a drift away from Llwelyn Hall's previous works.

In 2013, Hall became the youngest person to paint the Queen, though his expressionist-style portrait garnered strong views. He’s also done notable work in diverse subjects such as Amy Winehouse and WW1 veterans which were displayed at the National Portrait Gallery and the Imperial War Museum. His other achievements include being named the Sunday Times young artist of the year in 2004, being the first official artist-in-residence at the Cannes international film festival in 2015, and winning the BP Portrait Award.

Dreamers/ Pic courtesy: Lights of Soho

Art is not limiting, and perhaps with ‘Love Scenes’, Hall wanted to delve deeper into exploring human relationships and the one emotion that binds all.

'Love Scenes' runs until 17 June at Lights of Soho, 35 Brewer St, Soho, London W1F 0RX. 
All 25 works are available to buy, priced from £800 to £14,000, alongside a limited-edition print series. 

If you are in London, don’t miss out! Go experience the love!


  1. How beautiful! London was never on my travel bucket list, but now it is!

  2. So sweet and this art will come from bottom of the heart.

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  3. Oh, I will try to visit and see that one next time I go to London. Looks great. Hope you are well and happy over there my sweet friend:-)

  4. Wow! That's so beautiful.
    VT has been to London and I could not join him that time. It's has been a place that I would love to explore:)

  5. Never have seen this side of beautiful London..Really mesmerizing :) Loved the way you have noted the tiniest detail


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