Saturday, January 28, 2017

#SaturdayWordplay 15 - Sobriquet & Dirge

Lying in bed, my head against her soft curls, her sweet breath tickling my chest, we'd often speak of life after death. She would pull back and look earnestly in my eyes and say "I could never go on without you". Her vulnerable rose lips quivering as she pressed them against mine and begged me to never leave her.

Snuggling on the couch on grey winter days, she'd put her cold hands up my hoodie making me shiver, and with a guilty grin say "I love you".

Laughing endlessly on my lame jokes, her voice would crack and her eyes twinkle, then she'd suddenly stop, calling me by my sobriquet, "You, Funny Beaver you, now stop it!"

Breaking into a dance on our long spring walks by the woods, she'd grab my hand and place them on her petite waist. I'd plant a kiss on her blushed cheeks and give her a twirl as we'd bask in the shade of love.

Crying into my pillow, I am looking for answers today as I look back at our precious memories. I glance at her letter again, which reads like a dirge, as she confesses her love to another man.


Getting #SaturdayWordplay back in action. I am going to challenge myself (and my muse) and each week, will select a word prompt and create something with the words, prose or poetry. Do join me in this and let's inspire each other to write regularly and write better.

I am not opening the linky this week, but feel free to join me in using any or both of these word prompts and leave a link in the comments section.

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  1. Oh no! This was such a sad story. But I loved your narration Aditi!

  2. You've used the words sobriquets and dirge very aptly in this interesting narration Aditi!

  3. Beautiful narration Aditi ! Great to see you and the Saturday word play back in action.

  4. Poignant story describing the pain of separation.Well narrated Aditi!

  5. Beautiful narration Aditi! Love the words you've chosen for the wordplay. Glad to see you back in action!

  6. Beautiful narration Aditi! Love the words you've chosen for the wordplay. Glad to see you back in action!

  7. Wow! Lovely writing and merging of both the words into the story. I would love to join in from next sat- this is pretty challenging and fun 😊

  8. Well told though with a sad end.

  9. Love the idea of combining the two, and the story was well told, though the ending made me sad. :/

    Bonus - I learned a new word today. :D