Friday, July 22, 2016

Two Hundred by @mansilausdeo @YuimiDemi #DailyChatter @blogchatter

I find writing short stories really difficult, the art of creating a punch in a few words and leaving the reader with a feeling of wanting more, is a challenge. Having tried my hand at writing 55 fiction, drabble and flash fiction, I was looking forward to reading Mansi And Yuimi's well curated and impeccably designed Two Hundred - an anthology of terribly twisted short stories.

If you are looking for inspiration and are short on time, pick up this quick read and you will be explored to a world of genres, few leaving a chill down your spine, few tickling your funny bone and few tugging at your deepest emotions.



Mani and Yuimi are both passionate writers but they hold no copyright over the stories as they were handpicked from the internet, so that readers like me could enjoy these terribly twisted tales over a cup of coffee.

I do want to acknowledge the book's cover design and the very pleasant and soothing inner pages, almost coffee table book quality. Well done on that, Mansi!

Again, a huge shout out to Blogchatter for the giving us the wonderful #EbookCarnival and introducing me to a whole new world of writers and book lovers.

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  1. I love the book's cover design and the entire books's design and content too. :)