Sunday, July 3, 2016

@edrelf Vision brings Hassle free Laundry to your doorstep @laundrapp

With my 9-5 job, I usually wait for the weekend to do the entire week's laundry. The flip side to that is I loose out on half a day with first putting the clothes in the washing machine, hanging the clothes for drying and finally ironing them. And most of the times, procrastination catches the better of me. The clothes keep piling up on the chair and when I finally get to them, ironed clothes come at the price of a strained back.

So I was very tempted when I got to know that just as a tap on my smart phone can get me an Uber or get me that cheesy pizza while lying on the couch, I could also with just a swipe get my clothes laundered with laundrapp.

Laundrapp is a young business and since its launch in January 2015, it has become UK’s most popular door-to–door laundry and dry cleaning service. And why not? Having used the app I can say that Edward Relf, Co-Founder and CEO of Laundrapp has definitely been a game changer and helped simplify the lives of many urban class people looking to free up some time off their hectic schedules. He spotted an opportunity in UK's shrinking dry cleaning industry - which went from 12,000 stores in the 1980s to just 3,000 stores now, and invested heavily in technology to develop the Laundrapp.

Setting up the app and managing your orders is a breeze on Laundrapp. The design, both desktop and mobile, is very effective with huge range of options to pick from. Once you have decided your order you pick up from a range of time slots as per your convenience. This, according to me, is the biggest advantage of Laundrapp. My order was promptly picked up at 10:00pm on a Wednesday night and it was a pleasant surprise to get a goodie from Laundrapp. They sure scored with customer servicing!

My clothes came back washed and ironed on a Saturday afternoon and again full points on the laundry service and delivery. My only feedback to them would be on the packaging. There is a lot of plastic and safety pins used. All clothes were put in a separate double plastic bags and it is not quite environment friendly now, is it?

The idea behind Laundrapp isn't new but whats exciting to see is them investing hugely on the app development and revolutionizing the laundry industry with new technology. It is fairly priced but still expensive to use on a regular basis. I do see myself using their service again -  when I am too intimidated by the huge pile of clothes or when after a nice long holiday I can't be bothered with the laundry as I am editing my travel pictures.

Disclaimer: I received a £25 voucher from Laudrapp to avail their services, in exchange for this honest review.

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