Friday, July 8, 2016

'Aerogramme and other Poems' by @DivenitaEr @blogchatter

Nivedita, a fellow blogger, poetry aficionado and editor pours her heart out in 'Aerogramme and other Poems' and takes the reader on a vivid journey of memories. Memories that recapture 'everyday' moments in life. Few of them invoked a sense of nostalgia and few brought me closer to the beauty of passing moments.

I want to take a minute to show you the richness of the poet's words and her ability to create a beautiful imagery -

"Ordering a small cup of bright sunshine and 
topping it with a skimmed layer of clouds,"

I was reading this as I was sipping on a perfect cup of cappuccino and couldn't help but smile...

In 'The Fall', Nivedita very interestingly brings out the spirit of the feline in her description of trees,

"Look, The trees have streaked their leaves yellow. 
They are gluttonous during summers like well-fed cats"

Again, very creative and witty.

The poem 'We Never Knew' was a chapter picked up from my early teenage years. Playing 'I spy', hiding behind Maruti 800s and unknowingly brushing shoulders with your crush to experience that tingling in your belly - the poem was a beautiful reminder of those yesteryears.

Though the centre of the book is undoubtedly the poet's personal life and her memories of Secunderabad, poems like the above and few other like 'Spider Web', 'Pinafore' and 'Philately' struck a chord with me.

I recommend this for anyone who appreciates detailed, sensitive and nostalgic writing.

*Special mention to Blogchatter's Ebook Carnival which helped me explore diverse and talented writers and poets.

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