Thursday, June 2, 2016

#CreativePoetry Inspired by @austinkleon #NewspaperBlackout

For the last few months, I haven't been doing too well with my writing projects and blogging. With full time work, I feel exhausted by evening and after cooking dinner just feel like unwinding in front of the TV. We've been catching up on Game of Thrones and also binge watching on The Mentalist.

Trying my best to get of out of this writer's block, I have been seeking inspiration anywhere I can find. And that's when I found Austin Kleon's newsletters and discovered how to make a newspaper blackout poem

It is lots of fun and a perfect way to use my travel time. I was a bit iffy sharing these on the blog at first, but here you go. Do let me know, what you think?

Panama Papers

Tax fiddling
Shell companies
Offshore shenanigans.
Fingaling financial times,
the modern food chain - money.
Stuck in the middle,
the ambitious money-chasers,
the corporate,
propelled by a fantasy wind farm
intoxicated by the power
chase the money
get screwed.

Thrills and Blood-Spills

Sex and violence
horrors of the real world.
Blood-stained wedding dress,
voluptuous writhing body,
result of
act of desperation.

Young Love
A pair of lovers
new fragrance
Rising Stars
passionate without dialogue
deeply in love.

Closing Doors

over cups of tea.
Regretful end to
interactive experiences.

Bucket List

"Bucket list"
lying in the grass
breathing adventures
swim with dolphins
go cliff-jumping
milk a cow
so many dreams to fulfill.


  1. quite an interesting and intriguing post. :)
    ​​​​​​​​A​​ R​​​​a​​t'​​s​ ​Nibble ​​​​​

  2. Really I am impressed with what you did with these blackout poems. I have tried them in the past, but never with such excellent and meaningful results. "Panama Papers" is right on target. I never would have known it was a blackout poem...such truth in it! Really liked "Young Love" - can feel the romance! And "Bucket List" is the stuff of real life. Ha, milking a cow...smiles.

  3. Great to see the workings behind any piece of writing - this is like cut up - and what great results

  4. "Closing Door" and "Bucket List" are my favourites. Good Job.
    Happy Sunday Aditi, i'm happy you dropped by my Sunday Lime today

    much love...

  5. I love blackout poetry. It does wonders for the creative mind, methinks. I like them all, especially "Thrills and Blood-Spills" and "Young Love". I like the contrast between the themes and the vividness of the motifs.

  6. amazing write them all, nice to see you after a long time :)

  7. Absolutely incredible Aditi :D Kudos

  8. It's been a while since I did blackout poetry... great results, the Panama Papers condense reality to what it really is..

  9. What a creative way to write poetry and the opening poem really was fabulous....each one following equally well done!


  10. I especially love your Bucket List!!!!! Smiles.

  11. Oh, I think these are some of the best blackout poems I've ever read!

  12. I came across this innovative form on another site recently. I am still in two minds whether try it myself or just grin at others efforts!

  13. That's lovely and something I hadn't heard of before. Great poems as well.

  14. You got it Aditi! It seems to be a lot more inspirational that one gets to progress without realizing time constraints but having fun!