Thursday, December 3, 2015

What's Your Secret #blogchatter @blogchatter

What's your secret?
I ask.
Who are you?
What are you?

I am a soul, a spirit...
living in this physical body...
living in my own parallel universe...

The one that I am in now,
I am learning, ever growing...
drawing from the infinite.

There's a vitality within me,
that helps me stay enchanted,
even when the skies are bleak.

I fear, I regret, I laugh, I strive...
And if the multiverse is real,
perhaps somewhere else, I have it all...

But now, in this moment
I am uncovering the secrets...
within me, within the universe...

With each word I write,
each page I turn...
there is a revelation.

I look within, and then gaze at the horizon...
having my doubts, my moments of what-ifs
But I cannot tell, that hole is dark, vicious.

I turn my gaze to me...
this, what I have now,
I cannot let go.

This is the road I took,
my left turn is mine to turn right,
my choices are mine alone.

And that defines me.
That is my secret.

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  1. Sheer defiance and so attractive in words Aditi. The kind of spirit we all free souls are born with :)

  2. Being You is Beautiful indeed! Profound thoughts wonderfully woven together! Love it :)

  3. That was beautiful and so powerful.
    Being me is the best I can be! :)

    1. Being me is the best I can be!
      Absolutely! :)

  4. Aah! BlogChatter! I miss thee! It's been ages since I participated in one of those fun chats! I saw a tweet about this linky earlier today. It's open till 9th, right? Will try to write a post on the prompt before that.
    -Chicky @ miss_teerious

    1. I'll ping you next Wednesday, Chicky! Do join in for #blogchatter

  5. Your secret is your strength. The power that you have turn even a bkeak dull day to an enriching and happy one! Beautifully expressed Adi!

  6. beautifully written Aditi. those are really inspiring and empowering words.

  7. You blended the various prompts quite wonderfully, Aditi. Well done!

  8. Beautifully written Aditi! Well done!

  9. Aditi, I really enjoyed reading your secret!