Saturday, December 19, 2015

#SaturdayWordplay 11 - Parsimony

Your presence still lingers in the house. Although its been a week since you left, he still lives under your dominion, and despite all the troubles that I took to change that, I can't seem to cut the strings between you two. 

You were parsimonious with your love, making him yearn for it even more. To each kind word you said, to each harsh scowl you hurled at him - he clutched onto them tightly, fearing if he let go, he would lose you. 

You clipped his wings each time he tried to fly. 

Left him broken... in my arms.


Parsimonious  - (adj.) exhibiting or marked by parsimony, especially - frugal to the point of stinginess; sparing; restrained.

Today's word prompt 'Parsimony/Parsimonious' has been suggested by a dear friend and #blogbuddy Kala Ravi. I am pleased to be co-hosting this week's #SaturdayWordplay with her.

Prose or poetry, use this word, make it work for you and link up with us below.


  1. Hahaha...last line made me laugh 😊

    Sympathize with her though!

  2. That was a moving play of words! Short, crisp and powerful! Very nice dear girl :)

  3. Short , crisp n powerful ,as Kala said :)

  4. Beautiful use of the word . Almost central to the little tale of unreturned love and yearning you weave .
    The first time I read .. It seemed from the focal point of a parent talking about the lack of affections of another one for a now broken in spirit child.

    The next time it seemed like a love story , unfullfilled
    From the point of view a third wheel ... Perhaps a friend.
    Curious to know your side

    1. Chandni, your first guess is quite close to what I had in mind while writing this. The narrator is a lover, describing a mother-son relationship. But this unrequited love can have so many interpretations...thought it best to leave it to my reader's you can see, all your interpretations can fit into this.

  5. Great time and ur words makes a powerful impact. Sadly, how lives who are meant to bloom are fettered.

  6. Wow! This was so awesome! Short but so much meaning and so many interpretations! How do you do it Aditi?

  7. This can be true of any love rt.. mother-son girl-boy! Love is a dangerous tool if wielded unwisely.. as usual u weave magic with fiction!