Sunday, December 6, 2015

#SaturdayWordplay 10 - Frisson

The more I dwell on the past, the more different beginnings I find of the same story.

But the end? There's no changing the end.

He lies here in my arms, his blood warming my thighs, his voice squirming with pain, my heart aching with delight. This is the end. The end that will never change.

But which beginning to choose?

The first time he entered my cafe, I knew he didn't fit in. Not in that moment, not in this world. And perhaps that was what attracted me towards him. A frisson of terror arose in me, when he had casually taken out his long bladed knife and placed it on the table, simultaneously signalling for a cup coffee. Frisson of terror or frisson of excitement?

The first time he spoke to me, the words were unexpected. "I want to marry you" a statement, said with such intensity in his eyes that even I was fooled. Fooled into believing that this was what he wanted, and this was what I had been waiting for - Love.

The first time he did say "I love you", his voice hollow are hoarse I hear clearly now, was then but a mellifluous sound. Guided by it, I made my first kill. And then the next. Seducing and slitting the throat, one clean stroke, one neck at a time. All for the greater good, as he said. We were cleaning the city, wiping out the masters and the slaves, the greed and the desire, the ego and the envy.

The first time I did start questioning, was when envy put the seed of suspicion in my head. Another body, between his and mine, strutting behind the same doors as me, following the same commands as me, worshiping the same man as me. Just this body, ripe and unwritten on, was less wrinkled.

Perhaps this was the beginning of the end.

The end that even I didn't see coming.

I had given him back all that he had taught me, just in one clean stroke.

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  1. Brrr...Aditi that creeped me out! You have a genius for thrillers my dear! Loved it!!

    1. Thanks Kala! And loved your take on the prompt too! Since the linky expired, I am posting your blog here on your behalf.

  2. Gosh that's absolutely brilliant. You are such an amazing storyteller. Ohh the feels!!!

  3. Wow!! That's some chilling and thrilling story! Great going, Aditi!!

  4. This is really creepy...very thrilling read!