Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Away from Home

I'm on a journey, in life. A hippie in spirit, never wanting to settle down.

For someone like me, home isn't a place, but a feeling. I've grown up in different homes, shifting cities and schools, and houses, year after year. 6 Cities. 7 Schools. 8 Houses. One permanent home, my maternal grandparents' place, our humble summer vacations' abode. So, 7 Cities and 9 Houses.

Impermanence and Change.

This is the only constant in my life. Embracing it, learning from it, growing with it.

Perhaps, this is the reason why, that in my 9 months here in London, abroad, 'Away from Home' as they say, I have not missed home.

I do miss my 'persons'. Not home.

“Is it possible for home to be a person and not a place?”
 ― Stephanie Perkins, Anna and the French Kiss

The beautiful memories that we make with our persons, memories that give us strength in times we are feeling low, memories that make us nostalgic, memories that brick by brick build a home - our life. That I miss.

Dad, waking me up with a steaming cup of tea. Even till date, whenever I'm home.
Mum, such magic in her hands, oiling my hair, removing every worry in the head with each strand of hair she untangles.
Sis, making faces at me, with me. Giggling. Smirking. Gossiping.
Nani, lying on her back, her soft hand in mine, telling tales of yesteryears.
Nanaji, sitting in his chair, with his charming smile and inquisitive eyes, listening, truly listening to the stories I have to share.
Father-in-law, conversing with such ease on topics galore, as we drive down to work.
Mother-in-law, making sure I've had breakfast, then waving from the balcony as we head to work.
Sister-in-law, fooling around in the kitchen, past midnight hours, making tea, laughing, chatting, being her carefree self.
Friends, driving to our favourite joint, singing, poking fun at each other, living. 


Memories, few created, many yet to be formed. In this home, there is always room for that one more brick, a work in progress, our lives. 

We are our own homes, then. Building our own memories. We are away from home only when we are not living in the moment, in the present. 

But what is the present, the now? This very moment? All we have are fleeting moments. 

Impermanence and Change. The only constant. Life, as I know it. 

I'm on a journey, in life, of being fully aware of these fleeting moments. Each and every one of them. Once I am there, that'll be home.



  1. Impermanence and Change the only constants! I guess constant moves make one resilient and more open to new adventures and experiences! It also rounds up one's perceptions and broadens the perspective. Enjoyed reading your experiences :)

  2. Hi Adi! A true and touching account of your take on home and people. You have been 'away from home' for quite a while but thanks to your positive attitude that we carry on with the joy in our hearts of knowing that you will create your happiness wherever you may be. Enjoyed the easy flow of your writing.

  3. Beautiful post and I agree. I have moved around so much but I also believe in having a home where the heart settles down. Its always the people who make a house, home. Great prompt and I will write in all likelihood :)

  4. Such a beautiful way of looking at life! True, our home is our person, filled with memories sweet and sour, from the time we step in it. And, also how very true...We are away from our home only when we aren't living in the moment, in the present!

  5. You're right. I've moved a bit and now realize we only miss people. But there's one place I miss. :) Great prompt and love your response to it, Aditi! (and your blog looks good!)

  6. You have beautifully captured the life of nomads like us! I have moved thrice in India and now thrice in USA too !

    Where's home?

    In memories :)

  7. Loved the pictures your post created. I never thought home could be separate from a 'place' but home is indeed so many things. That was a lovely prompt and you gave it an even sweeter meaning.

  8. My Post

  9. Ho loved those simple things that you miss about home! But am having so much fn reading your virtual global tours