Sunday, November 29, 2015

#SaturdayWordplay 9 - Paracosm

Kira and Mia, aged thirteen and twelve, played outside their Victorian styled home until their mother called them in for dinner. Dressed in identical frocks, their ponytails tied with ribbons matched the colour of their socks, and the two buried their noses in the sand hills, climbed up the trees, spoke to the curious bunnies offering them carrots and swung on the gates; they lived in a paracosm world of their own.

I watched the two of them from my apartment opposite theirs, reliving my childhood days. My life, what was left of it, was spent in the 8 square-meter between the window overlooking the girls' house and my bed. I was confined to my wheelchair and just pushing myself from the bed to the window left me panting. So there I stayed, all day, watching, listening, smiling at their antics.

It was clear that the mother favoured the elder one, Kira. It was always, "Kira, I got you your favourite chocolate cookies", "Kira, you got an A in your science class. I am so proud of you", "Kira honey, come fast, the dinner is getting cold". I never heard the younger one's name from her mouth. And the father was always travelling, one business meeting to another. When he did come home, he bribed his way to the elder daughter's heart with a gift or two but nothing for poor Mia.

If I could, I would go up to them and give them a piece of my mind. How could they differentiate between their two beautiful daughters?

But while the parents ignored the younger child, Kira protected her sister and showered her with love and attention.  Kira always held Mia's hand, brushed aside the twirls of her hair from the forehead and kissed her, "I love you, Mi. And mum and dad love you too"

It filled my heart to see their love.

I had always longed for sibling love. Being an only child, loneliness was all I had growing up. And every relationship I had, sizzled out, like a dying bonfire; evaporated into fumes before I could blow on it again. I was raised by an unbothered aunt after my parents expired, pushed into a loveless marriage which saw its end in a divorce and shut myself within the walls of my house after my accident that left me paralyzed from waist down.

My days crawled on reluctantly until three months ago this family moved into their rented house.

I started seeing myself in Mia, and unlike me, she had someone. Someone who didn't look past her, but looked at her. I was grateful to Kira for the love she showed. Both to Mia and me.

Then came the night of September 29th.

I retired to bed early that day, keeping an ear outside, on the joyous squeals as the sisters indulged themselves in a game of hopscotch. A few minutes later there was sudden silence. I could sense the air getting thicker and thicker when a knock at the door made me jump out of my skin. "Mrs. Wilson!" a panicked voice spoke with urgency. "Mrs. Wilson!!" I stumbled in the dark to find my glasses and switched on the night bulb.

"Yes?" I answered meekly.

"Mrs. Wilson, this is your neighbour Ela. Could  you please open the door?"

I could hear the anxiety in the voice and recognized it to be the girls' mother. I pushed myself upon the wheelchair and opened the door to find the hassled lady standing together with Kira.

"Is everything.." Before I could say anything, Ela dropped to her knees and held my hand. "Please Mrs. Wilson, if I could leave my daughter with you for an hour or two? I've had a tragic call from the city hospital and need to rush to my husbands side." she said tears welling up in her eyes.

"Oh-okay! Sure!" I smiled and took Kira's hand and gingerly led her in my apartment.

"Where's Mia? You are taking her along with you?" I asked, patting Kira's head.

"What!!" Ela stood upright and stumbled backwards, looking as though she had seen a ghost.

"Mrs. Wilson, how did you know about Mia? Where did you hear her name?"

"Why? From Kira, of course. The two girls love each other, don't they?" I smiled. " I can see them playing from my window. It pleases my heart to see the sisters share such a strong bond."

I looked up, only to meet Ela's scared eyes "Mrs. Wilson, Mia died when she was two years old!" she said in a deadpan voice. "Kira lost her sister years ago!"

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  1. Omg! I was so engrossed in the story....didnt see it coming! Splendid raconteuring there Aditi!

  2. :O

    Oh wow!!! Beautiful word play indeed.

  3. I must admit I first had to google the meaning of Paracosm...
    Great take on the prompt Aditi..I must admit I did see it coming , I have a twisted mind :D...

  4. oh Jeez!! I did not see that coming!! Spooky and brilliant! :D

  5. I just had goosebumps as I read the last line..didn't see that coming! Very well written!