Thursday, November 26, 2015

Rules of Engagement @blogchatter #blogchatter

Do you know what an anchor does for a ship?

It is often said that during life's roughest storms, one should stand firm as an anchor. But no one realizes the role of the chain, the series of rings that are linked to one another. It is actually the length of the chain that helps in maneuvering and steering the ship to the right direction.

The length of the chain matters. If the chain is long enough, everything else is superfluous.
It's science.

Think of this chain as our relationships, and the links that make the chain, the people. In any relationship, it is how strongly you are linked to your people, is what really matters, that which helps your ship find that stability/security.

Take your blogging relationships for instance. How many links does your blogging chain have? Do you have strong relationships with fellow bloggers, that will provide you the necessary support when needed. Or are these links superficial, disconnected and detached?

The number one 'Rule of Engagement' in any relationship, is to form strong links.

As bloggers, how do we do that?

Know your fellow bloggers.
Make an attempt to know the person behind the blog. Much can be understood by the way one writes. I truly feels blog is a reflection of your real self. There are no masks here. No two faces.
The more you read a person's blog, the more you get to know about them.

Engage in a dialog.
Engage in a manner that makes your link stronger. Read, comment, give feedback and share on social media platforms if the post resonates with you.
If the post effects you personally, or if the post is missing something critical (could be a grammatical error or the way in which it flows) do send a private message or an email to the blogger.
I have both received and sent such messages, and it has always been appreciated.

Lengthen your Chain
Keep reading and discovering new bloggers. It not only helps you lengthen your chain and network, it also expands your blogging world, helping you constantly learn, grow and evolve.

Dive in to Help
We've all heard, a chain is only as strong as the weakest link. Dive in to help, if there's a blogger who needs it. I was lucky to have found good souls like Richa, Meena, Corinne, Sid and others during my early blogging years, who were just a ping away for any doubts or questions that I had.

Picture Prompt by Sreesha
Do you have any other 'Rules of Engagement' to make your blogging relationships stronger?

Tell us!

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P.S. Also linking to BAR's Wordy Wednesday prompt, 'Anchor'


  1. Insightful and engaging like you!! Fully subscribe to the Rules Of engagement you prescribe! Nothing artificial or superficial works in the long run. Gradual building up of links, genuine and mutual concern, is what keeps them strong.
    Love the nautical tug to this one :)

    1. Thanks Kala! I'm so glad I have you and others as my #blogbuddy. Slowly we will build those links and help each other blog better!

  2. Found this engaging and insightful Aditi .

  3. I love love love love it! Such a heartfelt and absolutely relatable post :) I am happy I found you my love <3 always a tweet/message/whatsapp away :) You are my anchor :)

    1. Babes so much love!!! Thank you n thank you! Really grateful that I have such strong blog buddies around me! Muuaah!

  4. I love how you compare the anchor and the chain to our blogging and the relationships with other bloggers. That's perfect. That analogy is bang on. The chain is so important for sure. Thank you for being part of my blogging chain and helping keep me anchored in this blogging world. You're great!

    1. Awww! Thank you Cathy! Glad we are together in this chain of awesome bloggers!

  5. Linking that pic to blogging! Wow, interesting take!

    You are so right about the blog being your honest, mask-less self. There's no point in hiding who you are when you write. Writing is one of the most honest forms of self expression.

    1. True Sreesha! And it helps you be free. Even if you are wearing a mask, writing helps you shed it!

  6. Nice insights there. I loved the way you have connected the idea of blogging and the anchor.

  7. That is wonderfully put, Aditi dear. Love the anchor-ship picture in this context. So happy I met you for real, and would still love your blog though- but happy to have connected anyhow:-) Big hugs sweet friend

  8. I love how you have combined 2 prompts, and very well too. I agree with everything you say here, especially the point about meaningful dialogue. That is very important, and a lot of people overlook it, but at the end of the day, it is what builds strong relationships. :)