Saturday, October 24, 2015

#SaturdayWordplay 7 : Blatherskite

I always thought it to be ignorable blatherskite until one day she came barging into my front door, her hair all messed up, lipstick smeared across her face and she kept screaming "She's gonna kill me....She's gonna kill me..." 

She was hysterical. There was nothing I could do to calm her nerves. I tried. I tried giving her an awkward hug, rubbing her back, making her tea, talking some sense into her. 

But my voice fell short over her frenzied screams. 

"You don't understand! She is back. She will kill me!" She looked at me with a grave face, her eyes bloodshot, before she ran back to her house and slammed the door. That's when I called 911, there was something terribly wrong with her.

If only I had called in a few minutes earlier.

"It's okay Ma'am. You did your best. You said she lives alone?"

Yes she has been alone as long as I can remember. For the past 9 years.

"You have no clue who she might be referring to, when she said 'She's gonna kill me'?"


"And she has made such references before?"

Once or twice if I remember clearly. "She was here today, mocking me, telling me I'm no good" she would say, but it went in one ear and out the other. She mostly talked to herself and I never paid much attention to what she said. Most of our neighbours thought of her as a loony. But I gave her company now and then, thought it was the right thing to do as her neighbour.

"Sure it was. One last question please, you never suspected her of having any mental illness?"

No. Just thought she was one of those eccentric souls. She was a writer, after all.

"Thank you Ma'am for your time and patience. We understand this has been traumatic for you. Please don't hesitate if you need any help from our team."

Thank you.


"It was a suicide?"

The post-mortem reports confirm that she stabbed herself to death. I don't even know how to react to this. 

"So tragic. Chills run down my spine thinking about her. Schizophrenia and depression are not terms you come across in your everyday life. And to think she was there, just one floor above me, dealing with her demons."

How did I not see it!

"Oh, don't blame yourself. How could you?"

Sigh! If only I had listened to her stories, not dismissed her talks as balderdash, I would have known she was running from her own reflections, her own shadows, fighting her own inner demons!



Hello Friends, I am giving you two words today since I missed last week's Saturday Wordplay. Get creative, Prose or poetry, just pick this word and let it flow! Looking forward to reading your posts!


  1. You should never dismiss a person.... a cautionary tale for sure... (Thanks for visiting my wordpress blogg)

    1. True, you never know what the other person is going through. Thanks for your visit! :)

  2. That's an important message Aditi. What we assume as normal and one of those episodes are tragedies waiting to happens. Very crucial to raise our voice and support. Great piece of writing!

  3. I'm definitely a blatherskite. Particularly after alcohol. Good story! I like the bit about 'of course she's eccentric because she's a writer!'

    1. Haha...I am a blatherskite even without the alcohol, or so my husband complains! ;)

  4. Not all people are wired the same way. Some are different. I mean all are different, but some are just a little too exceptional.

  5. Nicely put! It is always good to give a patient ear to people especially when they are feeling low.