Friday, October 9, 2015

#FundAhamBhumika @AhamBhumika Making a Difference

I sit by the side of the kiln,
my father crush the stones,
my mother carry the bricks on her head.
for the sun to set
for whatever alms they get.
to them to grab a morsel to eat
to get a night's kiss on my parched lips.

The days pass by,
shrouded in debts,
crowded in cries.
Until one day,
Aham Bhumika held by hand.

"Come with us. We'll teach you how
to live,
to write,
to learn,
to love,
to laugh,
to be."

To each day, I look forward now,
to learn something new,
to laugh despite the odds,
to take a step, one day at a time,
to reach my querencia.


When I read this post on Blog-A-Rhythm, about how bloggers are coming together to help a rural school in Bhopal to raise funds and spread a word, I knew I had to be a part of this do good initiative. 

A brief about Aham Bhumika from their website:

We run a rural preschool of 40 underprivileged rural kids in a village namely Borda; it is 17 kms from Bhopal. The parents of children work on brick kilns and construction sites as daily wage labourers and are illiterate.Our rural preschool accommodates their children. At the moment we have 40 rural children whom we teach using the play way method.

 Read more about us at our website:

Aham Bhumika needs your help in order to continue giving education to these wonderful children. Current expenditure costs to keep the school running stand at INR 14,000/- per month. We welcome all support that we receive. 

What you can do as a contributor: 

*Aham Bhumika has many ways in which you can share your support. 

You can contribute money via online bank transfers or cheque payments here: 
A/c name: Aham Bhumika Swayam Sevi Sanstha , 
SAVINGS ACCOUNT NO. 2073101015874 
IFSC Code- CNRB0002073, 

*Please send a mail to with these details: Name, address , donation amount ,PAN number and Contact number. 

*All donations are tax exempted under Section 80-G of Income Tax of India. Full details on how to donate are given here. *Ahambhumika is a registered NGO under Societies Act 

*You can buy hand-painted shoes, embroidered bags, embroidered cushion covers etc from their website.

For pre-order and any other query please mail 

Check out their Facebook page for more beautiful embroidered and other hand made products. 

*You can also help out by donating a computer, a bicycle, clothing for the kids or become a volunteer.

What you can do as a blogger:

Write a post, spread the word and help Aham Bhumika make a difference. (Read all the guidelines of writing a post here)

“Let us pick up our books and our pens,” I said. “They are our most powerful weapons. One child, one teacher, one book and one pen can change the world.” 
― Malala Yousafzai, I Am Malala

Note: All above images taken from Aham Bhumika's Facebook page.

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Querencia (n.) a place from which one's strength is drawn, where one feels at home; the place where you are your most authentic self.

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  1. Thank you for telling us about this very worthy venture....and for supporting it yourself. There is nothing better one can do than help to educate children, so they can rise up from poverty and have better lives. It gladdens my heart to read about this school, which is really transforming a village!

    1. So true. It's so inspiring to see such selfless people, whose sole aim is bettering the lives of others. Education is key to bringing a positive change in society, it truly has the power to transform this village and in turn many such villages and the country, no?

  2. This lovely poem is such an excellent way to spread the word!

  3. this is a beautiful poem of light...a tribute to Aham Bhumika doing laudable works...

  4. A thoughtful poem, meant to inspire and motivate. Very nicely done, Aditi. Such a nice way to spread the word about this important project.

  5. What a beautiful poem! writing from the perspective of a child - it pains that these little children must be leading such a had life.

    1. I know Parul. And their needs are so little, so basic, it pains to see them struggle to achieve that. It is inspiring when individuals and institutions such as Aham Bhumika take a step forward to better their lives.

  6. Love that poem dear Aditi, and what an amazing initiative to support! I support some others, but also with education as core activity. I think thats great! Good on you my friend:-)

    1. Education is key Eli, to everything! Completely agree! I know you've worked with kids, educating them, inspiring them back in Mumbai. Love and light to you and your likes!

  7. Great poem. Please invite us to your website for the fundraising, and do not go into so much detail--no advertising--here. I also thank you for all you do. I think poetry should carry the word.

    1. True Susan...poetry should carry the word. I am sorry, I should have mentioned that this is no sponsored post. One of the bloggers came across a tweet of Aham Bhumika asking if we would like to rewrite a blog post of theirs in our own words and spread the word about their good cause. So we took this up! :)

  8. so many ways to make others aware of the needs in our world - cheers

    1. Yes, so many ways. If only all of us keep doing our bit, however big or small, in making this world a better place...

  9. A worthy poem for a worthy cause. I am involved in a similar project in my country of birth. We can change the world by helping to educate the young and needful.

  10. Love their prodcts! I hv been so irregualr visitor.. am hoping on to read your other posts now

  11. Your poem is beautiful and it sounds like you are promoting a very worthwhile cause. I wish you the best of luck with it.

  12. Such a beautiful dedication, loved the vibe of this one :)