Saturday, September 26, 2015

#SaturdayWordplay 4: Yuánfèn

"More champagne?" the gentleman asked with a smile.
I nodded timidly, staring at his face a tad too long. I then remembered him as Daphne's cousin, "I'm sorry. Jay, right? We had met at Daphne's bridal appointment."
"Yup! And what a fine find. She looks stunning!" he said looking across the room.
"She does!"

I looked at the happy bride. The sparkle in her eyes reminded me of the day I had met her.

A Weekend in Oslo (Part 2)

After a fantastic Day 1, we started our day with a great breakfast spread at our hotel. We needed that energy, that head start for a long day of museum hopping and sight seeing. We decided to purchase the 24 hour Oslo pass as this would help us get access to most of the museums for free and also include public transportation at no cost. Yup, smart choice!

We then made our way to the waterfront (Rådhusbrygge) from where we would take the ferry to the Bygdoy island, where most of the museums are.

That's the City Hall in the background

Thursday, September 24, 2015

A Weekend in Oslo (Part 1)

My husband is making sure that our weekends and the 7 month Schengen visa that we fortunately got from the French Embassy, both are being utilized to the fullest. So a couple of days back, we made a quick weekend trip to Oslo, Norway. Not only was I pleasantly surprised but I fell in love with the city despite my initial apprehensions and can't wait for a second trip to this laid back Norwegian capital. Why the apprehensions, one might I ask. Well, it's considered one of the most expensive cities in the world. Yes, even the Londoners admit to that!

We reached Moss Airport, Rygge around 11:00 AM and boarded a bus to Oslo City center right away. The 60 km ride offers fantastic views but instead of looking out the window I was writing this post. I want to believe that this reflects on how committed I am to my new weekly series of  'Saturday Wordplay' ;)

Saturday, September 19, 2015

#SaturdayWordplay 3: Mizpah

Stealing kisses till the last minute, 
we whispered goodbye.
Your hand delicately caressed my skin, 
leaving a lingering promise, 
Our sun will never set.

A silent tear rolled down my cheek,
as I battled misty feelings.
I hadn't known up until then.
I had a love for you, so deep.

I hugged you tighter, 
let our breaths entwine.
Then slowly let you go.
  Knowing, we have,


Hope you'll join me in the third #SaturdayWordplay challenge. The word prompt this week is 'Mizpah'. Prose or poetry, just pick this word and let it flow! Looking forward to reading your posts!

Saturday, September 12, 2015

#SaturdayWordplay 2: Komorebi

Soaking up the Komorebi sunshine, I feel the warmth on my skin and a strange tingling enraptures me, reminding me of the night I had met you.

The night I had met you ... the air was cold, the winds strong. My fingers were numb as I refused to put away the ivory tip from my lips. Venting out foggy puffs in the night sky, I felt my nerves calm down after what was a torturous evening at home. My parents and I had never seen eye to eye on anything. I could not take the shrill voices, raised hands and silent tears anymore. Unsure, yet determined, I had walked out of what I had once called home.

The night I had met you ... a woman was in the making. But the girl in me had no idea that I'd have to grow up this fast. I was vulnerable, yet put up the facade of being indifferent when you warmly put your hand on my shoulder, and asked if I were cold. I kept staring into the illuminated night sky of Manhattan as you pursued me for a cup of coffee. I said no at first, eventhough in my heart all I wanted do was say yes. Yes, to you.

The night I had met you ... your hand in mine, fit perfectly. I did not mind your fingers brushing through my thick hair down to my bony hips, as we sweat to the eclectic pop songs in an unmaed pub. As we stepped out, the deserted sidewalk was taken by surprise as you pushed me against the graffitied wall and pressed your lips onto mine.

The night I had met you...I feared myself, for the passion had consumed me. I was loosing myself to you, wrapped in the silken sheets, calling your name out loud. Our heavy breaths timed with each other, growing deeper, silencing the tick tock of the clock.

The night I had met you...was the first and the last time I saw you. We had fell asleep in each other's arms, talking about hummingbirds and Amy Winehouse and reincarnations. It was still dark outside when you had slithered away from my life. I was glad that we never said our goodbyes.

Soaking up the Komorebi sunshine, I feel gratitude towards you, more than anything else. You gave my life a new meaning. And though I never speak of you in front of him, I see you everyday in those blue eyes. I see all the love,  I could have had.


Hope you'll join me in the second #SaturdayWordplay challenge. The word prompt this week is 'Komorebi'. Prose or poetry, just pick this word and let it flow! Looking forward to reading your posts!

Saturday, September 5, 2015

#Saturday Wordplay 1: La douleur exquise

Was it an opportunity missed, 
that the first time you held my hand,
I rested my head on your shoulders,
and though the current took me by surprise,
I called you my friend?

Somewhere in between 
the long talks and fist bumps,
I wonder often, what you think.
Do you too, mull over
the possibilities of what if?

I feel a piercing la douleur exquise
when I see you looking at me
but you never say a word,
and I whisper to your shadow,
will this way we ever be?

The sun sets on us, the wind blows us apart.
But often at night, lying still
in someone else's arms
I close my eyes to see you
and the question looms, what if?


I get thrilled whenever I come across beautiful new words, and since I have not been blogging actively these days I have decided to challenge myself to play with new words each week in 'Saturday Wordplay'. Inviting all of you to join me in this. Get inspired and use 'La douleur exquise' as you see fit, in prose or poetry. The linky will be open for a week. Looking forward to your entries!