Monday, August 17, 2015

One Last Time

In her eyes, they saw the pain
the broken dreams,
the silent tears stream.

She had been there always,
their guide, their teacher.
It was unto them now,
to make her whole again.

"One last time?" 
the eager eyes called
"One last time?" 
they asked.

The power beckoned to her...
staggering a little,
yet confident in demeanour,
she walked up the stage.

And a twirl, 
simple yet enigmatic,
is all it took, 
for her charm to exuberate.

Thundering claps came pouring down,
like the first rains upon parched earth.
And the petals of her heart then opened
the gruesome tumour forgotten in the moment.

"One last time!"
the cheer got louder
"One last time?" 
they begged.

Fighting the irritant pain
she then said,
"The stage is all I've known,
the only place I've called home.
Thank you, thank you for the hope,
for the reminder of what lies ahead.
One last time, it shall never be
a dancer first and forever I'll always be."

One last time, it shall never be.


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  1. Brilliant one miss!! Love how u capture the subtleties of emotions so beautifully <3

  2. Wow, Aditi! That was amazingly beautiful.

  3. I like this...despite the odds she did what she loved one last time. ♥

  4. Stunning. Eloquent and a dance in itself.

  5. Beautiful! :) Once an artist always one.

  6. You can't stop doing what you truly love...what is part of you. Lovely poetry Aditi

  7. Inspiring and touching. Really beayuotiful

  8. This is really great! Beautifully penned! :)

  9. Lovely ! Very touching and beautifully worded :)