Saturday, July 25, 2015

Over Dessert

Behind her she heard laughter.

The nerve in her forehead was about to burst, and he had the audacity to laugh!

She turned fiercely only to be caught off guard with a kiss. "You look beautiful when you're mad. I can't even remember why we were arguing?" he tugged her closer.

"Huh, let me rewind and remind you!" she tickled his beard trying to wiggle out of his tight embrace, but the hold only got stronger. "You were late for my parent's wedding anniversary celebrations, then...."

"I'm guessing the list is long, want to shout over dessert?" he smiled slyly.


Linking this to Write Tribe’s 100 Words on Saturday prompt.

Most of my arguments with the husband go like this. Never a straight answer to my questions, always dodging them with either a laugh or ending them by offering me a chocolate. No wonder I often cave in! ;)

This reminds me of a poem by Nikki Giovanni that I came across Brain Pickings, 'Love Is'

Some people forget that love is 
tucking you in and kissing you 
“Good night” 
no matter how young or old you are 

Some people don’t remember that 
love is 
listening and laughing and asking 
questions no matter what your age 

Few recognize that love is 
commitment, responsibility 
no fun at all 

Love is 
You and me

Beautiful isn't it? Chicky had tagged me in a 3 Day Quote challenge and though not really a quote, I wanted to share this with you all!


  1. Aah! Who would remember anything on seeing such a tempting looking dessert! Liked this drabble which is a slice from real life! Lovely!

  2. I have to confess ...i was drooling over the dessert :) Lovely drabble, by the way.

  3. haha this is cute...and sounded a little familiar actually :D

  4. This was sweet! loved the way you wrote it!

  5. what a cute way you represented an argument. I'm sure most husband wife fights don't end in such a sweet way.......

  6. Well that's great that he is so easily to forgive and make up, with chocolate no less! ;) <3

  7. So cute and beautiful way to calm you down :) and that poem is perfect!

  8. awwww that is so sweet :D
    I think I have read the first para... but not the whole poem :) Beautiful post :D

  9. This blog post is so sweet! Love like this makes you want to forget the comforts of chocolate and pizza! :D

  10. We'll he certainly had me at dessert! Nice. :)

  11. Nice tactic. Though I wonder how it will work !