Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Rambling On My Mind

When I quit my job to join my husband as he got relocated by his company to London, though excited for the Big Move, I was very vary of the fact that I'll not be earning, and as my husband teased me much to my dislike -  that I would be joining him as a 'dependent'. London being one of the most expensive cities in the world, being a 'dependent' (that's what it says on my Visa, and oh how strongly I've come to detest this word!) gave me the jitters and much anxious nights.

It's not that we wouldn't be able to survive (well) on hub's income, but for someone like me who a)loved their job and company, b)isn't much of a sitting-at-home types and c)is an independent woman (hub's might have dipped into my savings pool, but it hasn't been a vice versa situation till now) this was a huge step!

On the plus side I thought, "Hey! I'll have more time to write, blog, work on the close-to-my-heart personal project & travel" But you see, 'thinking' and actually 'doing' are two words poles apart. The latter needs action, and the only action that I've taken on my part is making my to-do lists, striking them off and rewriting them again. So, this post, to help me get off my butt!

To give myself a little credit (I do need self motivation now & then and now!), it has only been close to 3 weeks and this is my second blogpost since, so yay! Also with the help of an understanding and passionate partner our project is running at the desired pace (although when I think of the financial investment it calls for I get the jitters I was talking about earlier, Sigh!)

But there is still a lot to do, and while a tiny voice in my head says "Relax and enjoy your break", the other nagging voice cuts off saying "Don't while away your time; time is money!"

Well, Aren't I in a rambling mood today, phew! If you've stayed with me till now & still reading on, thanks a ton! Would not want to bore you more, but below are few exciting things on my to do list that I'd like to share. 

Next two days will see me at Business Start up, a business exhibition for start ups where I hope to learn few trade tricks from business experts. Their speaker list boasts of UK's smartest minds, from millionaires to entrepreneurs to motivational speakers, and I am ready with my notepad and pen.

Second, the Walking Writer workshop sounds so heavenly, just the thing I have been dying to do! The timing is perfect as we would have by then shifted to our abode which is very much close to the happening. Can't wait to meet fellow writers! :)

Anyone care to join?

And now back to my reading, trying-to-write and editing regime. Thank you for being such sweet patient listeners. Love!

Friday, May 8, 2015

Hiya from London!

Little over a fortnight since our Big Move to a new country, new city and soon a  new home, I have missed blogging and connecting with all of you. The thing about writing is, if you don't do it regularly, the words start treating you as a stranger and as much as you want to pen down your thoughts they stubbornly stay put in your head. So yeah I've been struggling a bit, but here I am now...Hiya from London!!

I haven't unpacked yet as we are moving from our temporary office accommodation to our cosy home in about two weeks, so living out of suitcases literally, we are still in the holiday mood. The diverse London street food with chilled beer cans, sure are finding place on my hip, but livin' it I am and my exercise regime can wait.

Last week, the May holiday offered a nice long extended weekend and though the tricky London weather which we had heard so much about kept to its name, we stepped out with bright smiles.

A walk along the Thames river, from Tower Bridge to Westminster was very romantic. The below lines from Wendy Cope's poem 'After the Lunch' fits in quite perfectly; the weather conditions did bring tears to our eyes and our hands were numb.

On Waterloo Bridge, where we said our goodbyes, 
The weather conditions bring tears to my eyes. 
I wipe them away with a black woolly glove, 
And try not to notice I've fallen in love.

The Tower of London - Her Majesty's Royal Palace and Fortress

Tower Bridge which is often mistaken for London Bridge

Someone was really enjoying their play
Since we were on the side of Tower of London, we had to cross the Tower bridge to the other side to start our Thames path walk.
The Shard in the background. Standing 1,004 ft high, it is currently the tallest building in the European Union

All across the path, you have benches around to relax and soak in the view. We did too, while enjoying a hot plate of fish n chips.

The most admirable and loveliest things about London is, how well they have preserved their ancient buildings. You can find a grand looking architectural treasure squeezed between a tiny lane or merged along with modern office spaces.

Southwark Cathedral, just as we turned around a corner

St Paul's Cathedral, London
We crossed the OXO wharf tower to be met by a sweet surprise; The #streetofspain festival was in full swing at the South bank centre.

We had just found a place on one of the terraced steps but the unpredictable rains brought us to our feet in no time. We briskly walked to complete our walk, the best sights left for the last.

London Eye
Big Ben
Until my next London adventure, which I hope is soon, makeitbeaYOUtiful!