Wednesday, March 11, 2015

'My Escape' #AuthorsDuel

I was challenged by Author Traci Sanders  to write a short story based on the above photo.

My Escape

I change homes frequently; every year to be precise and each time I feel unwelcome! The doors screech, the floor beneath my feet crack, the accumulated dust flairs up my nostrils sending me into a sneezing fit, the walls close in on me and I end up feeling claustrophobic. Every damn time!

And though my hair has thinned, my forehead wrinkled and bare like an old tree trunk and the anxiety attacks a constant companion; this change though short lived, is my only escape. Escape from that one night of betrayal, broken promises and demonic hell.

Each time I think of that night my memory plays tricks. Like a loose strand of hair or many, my thoughts drop on the floor...scatter...I pick one piece carefully, like handling a broken glass, and I see her beautiful face. My wife.

Lisa looked enchanting that night of our wedding anniversary, in the mauve silken gown, the light from the antique gold candlesticks reflecting in her expressive big brown eyes. If I had let, I would have been fooled yet again into falling in love with her.

But I had seen my worst nightmare play right in front of my eyes. My wife with him; no inhibitions, no shame, no guilt! The reel kept running on a repeat mode, and with it my temperature rising to belligerent levels.

I couldn't stop. Rage blinded me. I kept hitting her, again and again and again with the candlesticks, till I couldn't tell apart my tears from her blood.

And now she haunts me; follows me abashedly, vowing to remain faithful till eternity.


Read Traci's response to my picture prompt here!

Special mention to Anita for the brilliant idea of #AuthorsDuel. Thank you! :)


  1. Very good story.. and you have built up the mood in the room very well. Enjoyed it.

  2. Love and betrayal... A story beautifully woven together..

  3. Yikes, I did not see that coming! Well done, Aditi!!

    1. Thank you for the great picture prompt. Glad you liked it!

  4. haha... lovely. You have made that last line count well :)
    I actually went back and stared at the pic for a few seconds longer to see if there was a ghost I had missed in it :)

    1. I too re-looked at the pic after reading the last line, Roshan! :D
      A wonderfully narrated story, Aditi! Well done! :)

    2. Hehe... Thanks Roshan and Shilpa! :)

  5. The ending gave me chills. This was toooo good!!
    I am a little spooked out now

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