Thursday, February 19, 2015


Mouth half open, head tilted above
gazing intently at the million stories
the cobwebs had to tell,
He was in his own world, one 
that was far removed from reality,
that had turned him into a ghost,
that had still left room for hope...
Hope, that his lost love would return.

Eyes closed, gently lying down
listening to the voices of
strangers in love, celebrating, dancing,
painting the town red,
She was in her own world, one
that was far removed from reality,
that had trapped her...
trapped her beneath the innocent lilies, 
that lay heavily on the black casket.


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  1. that's so touching. I loved how the poem flowed, from his dreams to her grave. Beautifully written

  2. The pain of separation can be felt as one reads the poem. And learnt this new word, saudade!