Sunday, January 25, 2015

I'm an #IndieAuthor

It feels weird to call myself an Indie Author.

But it's true! I self published my first ebook on Amazon Kindle - an anthology of 26 bite-sized stories, each based on 26 colours which commence with every letter of the alphabet from A-Z. These, as most of you might remember were written during the April A-Z blogging challenge last year. Wonderful support from my family and the blogging community had helped me churn out a story a day that was well-appreciated and I was encouraged my many readers to publish these into an anthology.

But it took me almost an year to take the plunge.

I never planned to be a writer and not in my wildest dreams an author. Through blogging, I discovered that my love for the fictional world was not limited to being a voracious reader. Every novel that I had read, from Enid Blyton to Haruki Murakami and the many in between, had opened up several stories inside me and it was only a matter of time that they spilled over. Blogging gave me a platform to weave tales, explore, experiment, re-discover myself and reach beyond my limits. But somewhere, I still doubted.

Doubted wether I was good enough.

I feel every story has been written; there is no new story. It is just the way you tell it. Being a very choosy reader myself, there are few writings that I truly love; that have had a long lasting impression. And I feared, what if my stories fail to make that impression, fail to connect with the readers, fail to touch a chord?

But I started 2015 with a powerful Word of the Year, Embrace. And that's what gave me the courage I think; to say what the heck, let me give it a try, let me self publish. Whatever the experience, the outcome of this journey, I will embrace it with an open heart and grow with it.

It took me less than 4 days to compile my stories, review, edit and format, create a cover, choose a title and hit publish on KDP. I announced my book on 19th January, on my grandparents 59th wedding anniversary. A home launch with your loving family by your side, is the best way to mark new beginnings, isn't it?

Book launch selfie

So there, the easy part is over!

The real work is just starting and I'll need your help.

Do help this newbie author to become an indie author. Buy, review, rate, comment and help me feel confident of calling myself an indie author without feeling weird. ;)

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

My Chrysalis

Of the first snowfall, of the first bonfire, of the first kiss of the first realization; this winter will be etched in my memory till eternity.

It was just a casual kiss on the lips, a dare that his friends had put him to; yet it had warmed the depths of my soul.

Between our friends amusing banters to our earnest "we're just friends" remarks, when my heart skipped a beat and started yearning for my best friend as he sat right beside me, I do not know.

But I do know now, how one touch can change you for a lifetime; how one winter can blank out all other 18 winters since you were born.
How I am set to start fresh as this soft velvety snow melts; ready to escape my chrysalis and take flight into a woman's world.


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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Embrace - My Word for 2015

Embrace - to accept willingly and enthusiastically

Embrace Life
                Embrace You
                                Embrace Love
                                               Embrace the Imperfections
                                                               Embrace your dreams
                                                                               Embrace Change
                                                                                               Embrace the Journey


I have always believed that, you make things happen for yourself; take charge; make your own happiness, because if you don't then who will, right? And I have realized that the way to 'makeitbeaYOUtiful' is to embrace what life offers you; embrace the challenges, the tears, the love, the laughter....Embrace the journey. I choose this to be my word in 2015; for it to help me to move forward whenever I find myself at a standstill.          

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Saturday, January 3, 2015

And Since Then...

And Since Then...

She had been hearing voices from the far and beyond; strangers paying unexpected visits in her dreams. Some earnestly sharing their darkest secrets while others resolutely keeping their distance, but frightening her nonetheless with their cold demeanour.

It was during these times that she missed Rob the most. She would break out into chilly sweats, anticipating the nightmarish 'voices in her head' and how she wished to warm up against his heat then!

But she was living an irony she couldn't escape.

The strong desire for her deceased husband had opened the gates of the other world that grey damp night. "Hadn't I promised never to leave your side dear?", his jovial voice had beamed out of nowhere, silencing the crackling fire.

And since then...


Written for Three Word Wednesday
Words: Jovial, Promise, Resolute