Friday, December 26, 2014

All For Nothing

Caught the three bright words
blinking on my screen.
A dream come true
for every Gen Y teen!
"Let's meet up!",
he had finally asked out,
taking our online chat
to the next level date!

A squeal I gave,
and pressed an instant Yes.
Called up my bestie,
WhatsApped the rest.
Casual or formal, how should I dress?
Make a killer first impression
or play my aces at the date next?

Midnight blue was my look that evening,
With gleaming waxed legs and blow-dried hair
All eyes were on me, I could tell.
I squinted to find my fellow sitting in a corner.
The Yellow daffodils did get him a plus,
but the week old stubble made me
sashay right out in horror!

He could go on to tell the world
that I stood him up, but dude
at least have the decency to groom up!

#WillYouShave should be an important clause in the online dating community as well. And I am tagging my girls to take this campaign forward! ;) Shilpa,Shailaja, Nabanita, Manjulika, Swati and Red.

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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

All in a Day's Walk - Little Italy, China Town and Greenwich Village

The Delhi winters have finally arrived; the sun stayed away the weekend letting cold winds and stubborn rains take over, the only thing that kept me sane was coffee and memories. Memories of a sunny day in the buzzing New York City when I had walked about the lanes of the city, exploring and admiring the style and character that each of the little places exuded.
Given that hubs would leave for work by 8:30 AM, I had ample time to enjoy a sumptuous breakfast at our hotel, StayBridge Suites, which was yes complimentary, take a coffee to go and head out on the streets. It was the same on 20th August, a bright Wednesday and I had planned to explore the popular neighbourhoods of downtown New York - Little Italy, China Town and Greenwich Village.

And what a day it was! It started with treating myself to delicate and creamy chocolate cannoli at Ferraara Bakery & Cafe in Little Italy. The choice was hard as they had an endless assortment of delicious looking pastries, as you can see. You have my permission to drool over my plate :)

Like Ferraara which opened in 1892, another landmark of Little Italy is the Italian speciality food store at 200 Grand Street, Di Palo. In business since 1903, it advertises itself as the nation's oldest Italian cheese store. Smelling of old traditions, it stills cuts your pieces of cheese and slices your prosciutto the way you like it. I did some sniffing around there too.

But Little Italy is seen best at night, when the streets are closed for the traffic, Italian music in the background makes your walk seem like dance too, the tables are laid out with wine and laughter pouring out from each corner and enticing smell of fresh Italian cuisines makes way to your stomach. 

(Later that night)

Sea on a plate!

Happiness in a Cup!

Whilst in Little Italy, you cannot miss the vibrant, ethnic and comparatively bigger neighbourhood around, China Town. 

From the local morning vegetable market, to the street foods and quirky ice cream parlour, to the serene Buddhist monastery to the most spectacular sight at the Columbus park, my afternoon was filled with great moments at every turn.

From juicy green vegetables, to fresh fish to dried oysters and clams 

I was asking for directions to the Buddhist temple, when I spotted this small ice cream parlour. So glad I went in. They have a range of flavours one can't even dream of. Black sesame, red bean, ginger, egg custard to name a few. I was overwhelmed. They offered me free tasting of quite a few of these until I finally settled on a safe and yummy option, butter-cream and white sesame. If I lived in NYC, I know for a fact I would visit this delight almost daily. Oh yes!

The Original Chinatown Ice cream factory
In the midst of these exotic delights, the next place I encountered was a sweet delight. Amongst the hustle bustle of daily lives, here in the Columbus Park, the elderly had created a different world for themselves. Oblivious to the life outside, in a quaint cocoon they sat playing Chinese checkers and cards and they didn't seem to mind at all the huge crowd gathered to cheer on their game and many providing to play the referee.

I spent quite some time here, trying to figure out the rules of the game, enjoying the sun, peace and quiet, before I went to pay respects at the Mahayana Buddhist Temple.

Guarded by gilded lions, this temple is the home of a 16-ft gold statue of Buddha where Buddhist chants and incensed candles spread a warm aura inside. With a $1 donation, I got to pick up my own fortune stick, but what it meant remains a mystery to date ;)

A quick eat later, I hopped on to the Subway to my next stop, the Greenwich Village - once a home to the bohemians and artsy types.
Fish on a stick
Packed with pubs and cafes, interesting creative boutiques, second hand stores, creative souls doing their thing in the Washington Park this place, though now steep on rentals, still epitomizes the bohemian lifestyle of 'live and let live'. I certainly did live my moments here.

The below shop reminded me of the comic book store in Big Bang Theory. I purchased 4 random comics from here just for the heck of it. :)
Carmine Street Comics 
No CDs. No Tapes. Just Records. House Of Oldies specializes in out of print records from the 50s, 60s and 70s and has more than a 1,000,000 records, rock, blues, soul, you name it! How Amazing is this!! :)
House Of Oldies
Unusual and creative got new meanings here in Greenwich Village as I went from store to store. The next place, Lomography is dedicated to analogue photography and has a range of vibrant, quirky, smart small cameras.

But my favourite place here too was the Washington Square Park. Parks in NYC have left in me a huge impression. A place where no one judges you, where artists explore the creative spaces and play/perform their creation for people who truly acknowledge their work, a place where boundaries of any sort just melts away....

A playground for man's best friend...
 A hub for artists to display their skills...

 A practice field for sports enthusiasts...

A recreation spot for tourists and travellers...
where one can join in a game of chess to jog the mind muscles too...

The iconic Washington Square Park was a perfect end to my perfect day...

Friday, December 5, 2014


Sitting in a compact, low-lit CCTC surveillanced cabin in the interiors of the dense Boreal forests, Keisha banged her fist against the table in one jubilant stroke.

"At last!" she smiled triumphantly as she looked at the gory pictures blinking on her mobile screen.

"You thought you could keep me locked here in this hell hole, feeling neglected and sorry for myself? Hoping that I would die of starvation? Now look who is shamelessly licking his own blood, dear husband!!" Keisha hurled curses at her dead husband, licking her dry lips every now and then, tasting the sweet revenge.

Written for Three Word Wednesday
Words : Compact, Jubilant, Neglected

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

#TransformYourLife with #GodrejInterio

“Home wasn't a set house, or a single town on a map. It was wherever the people who loved you were, whenever you were together. Not a place, but a moment, and then another, building on each other like bricks to create a solid shelter that you take with you for your entire life, wherever you may go.” 
 - Sarah Dessen

Having lived in 6 cities and been to 6 different schools throughout my growing up years I could totally relate to the army kid now an Indian television sensation, Aishwarya Sakhuja's response to my question, "What does 'home' mean to you?" What she said could be summed up in the above quote by Sarah Dessen.

It is true isn't it? What makes a home; the people we love and the memories we make. And it is important that our home radiates this love, reflects our personality; isn't that the reason we spend so much time and effort in beautifying our homes, finding the right accessories for it.

Six months back Hubs and I shifted out of our in-laws apartment to make it on our own! I so wish I had approached Godrej Interior then! But the opportunity presented itself only last week when Blogadda approached few bloggers to visit a Godrej Interior store and interview a celebrity on how Godrej transformed their living spaces, understand the behind-the-stage process and create a memorable experience.

And that's how we met Aishwary Sakhuja on a pleasant Sunday afternoon where she sat without any airs, laughing, chatting and patiently answering all the eager bloggers' queries.

When Godrej Interior team had approached her with the idea of redoing her home, she immediately knew it was her Father's living room and dining room that had been dominated by dull whites and boring browns for decades that needed the makeover. This was also the perfect gift to her Father before she tied the knot and shifted to her new home. Comfort, Easy to maintain and a place that reflects a single army man's way of life were the key concerns that Godrej team addressed during their project. The key challenge, Aishwarya admitted was changing her Father's mindset. Seeing his beloved wooden and traditional furniture being replaced with contemporary styles, the walls of his homes being painted to a vibrant hue, he was certainly stricken with apprehension. But his happiness and satisfaction could be read from his face when he proudly showed off his transformed home to his neighbours.

Aishwarya Sakhuja's transformed living room

With Aishwarya Sakhuja
Godrej is a trusted brand, Aishwarya said, I believed in them and am completely satisfied with the final outcome. 

Established in 1897, Godrej has slowly and steadily built its name and reputation in the industry and today it is a household name. Commitment, Service and Quality is a given with Godrej products and a tour of the Godrej Interio store confirmed to me that with their range of interior decors and furniture, appealing equally to all the generations, they are here to stay.

A bright red viable Sofa-cum-bed with the headrest adjustable to five positions was amongst my favourite.

Godrej's unique model - Customers can customize their wardrobes according to the space they have in their rooms. From wall length wardrobes to just two door cupboards you are free to make the choice that suits you.

Godrej Interio - Transforming Dreamy Nights Into Blissful Mornings

Acoustica - A comfy L shaped Sofa embedded with music system with USB port. I am definitely saving up for this. Perfect for a day you want to spend in unbashed laziness :)

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