Thursday, November 27, 2014

Each Morning Beckons

The cool air streams from my open window,
Tickling my toes...
The warm blanket pulls away slowly,
Unwrapping my dreams...
And before I can catch them, 
the dreams disappear into the glowing light, that rises from the east.

The colours intertwine, white and brown,
the boil coming upto the brim 
and then settling down.
The smell of fresh ginger fills the air,
cleanses & rinses everything around.
Breathe, Breathe deep, I hear a whisper.
I do, feel light and let the heaviness all out.

A soft kiss and warm hug,
then rustling of the newspaper.
Conversations, a bit of tease, some play
And laughter accompanying
the tinkling tea cups. 
And You.

Then like sand slipping from my hands
the clock ticks, 
The day awaits you it reminds. 
And though I wish to remain, 
I get up with a smile on my face 
and my heart beating with gratitude.

Thank you for this sunshine and another great day!

©Aditi Kaushiva

Linking to Poets United Midweek Motif-Gratitude

And also to the first Gratitude Circle, that has been launched today by dear Corinne and Vidya.


  1. What a sweet and romantic poem! I could picture the whole thing..the slow hours of the wintry morning, the warmth of the freshly brewed tea, the easy leisurely companionship....beautifully done, Aditi!

  2. Replies
    1. Oh yes Naba! Even better when hubs makes the tea! ;)

  3. such a feel good poem Aditi...gratitude is all about this feeling...lovely..

    1. Thanks a lot Sumana! And it is this feeling that keeps you 'lovin n livin' :)

  4. Really a lovely poem! I like the breathing....breathing deep, and letting the heaviness out!

  5. I like the loveliness of the morning with the tea ,kisses and newspapers...a gorgeous time in your life....
    Enjoy !

  6. Love the smell of ginger.....this scene is so lovely, my own heart is grateful just to know it exists!!!!

    1. Sherry that's such a wonderful thing to say! Thank you! :)

  7. Yes. Ah. To have this, and more than once, renewable, is something to be grateful for indeed.

    1. Indeed Susan! Happy Thanksgiving to you! :)

  8. This is so lovely - I could just picture it! Beautiful. :)

  9. A feel good poem for a feel good day. Well written.

  10. Such a perfect poem. The words convey a picture. I can see the window and tea and so much beauty.

  11. Beautiful words...just loved it...!!

  12. Simply beautiful! Moments like these make for a truly blissful morning! :)

  13. Lovely poem Aditi: so descriptive and sensual. I can picture it completely! :) <3

  14. You have captured the morning so beautifully, Aditi. So illustrative. :)

  15. Very beautiful poem Aditi! Loved the imagery... :)

  16. Replies
    1. Love such mornings! Thanks for stopping by Rosemary!

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