Sunday, August 31, 2014

First Impressions - New York City

My first day in NYC was like being in a vast ocean, adrift yet so curious. I had landed on a Thursday morning and after spending two hours in the immigration queue finally got out of the JFK  International Airport. Much to my dismay and frustration my cellphone was not working. I couldn't find any network and this after two calls to my Vodafone service to ensure that my roaming has been activated! Distraught, I frantically looked for hubby's familiar face in the crowds waiting for the friends and family some with placards and others with a smile, for he had promised to pick me up. Not that I couldn't have made my way on my own to the hotel, I did have the address. But my loving and protective hubby (M) wouldn't have it that way.

So after a few minutes we met :) and yes the special hug followed and we hopped on to the subway to our hotel. An hour and a half later with M in office, I ventured out on the buzzing streets. What, jet lag you ask? Now, that had to be put off for a few more hours! ;)

It was a sunny sunny day!!

With no aim in mind and no map in hand, I walked on...

Came across this grand structure which was the United States Post Office, and like many, I too rested on its steps for a while and watched the world rush by.

And then there was the historic Hotel Chelsea. This Manhattan landmark has been home to some very famous personalities including forever 'blowin in the wind' Bob Dylan, Russel Brand, Uma Thurman (who also acted in one of the movies inspired by this hotel 'Chelsea Walls'), two of the greatest American writers Mark Twain and O. Henry, and many more.

After a little more wandering I sat down for a 1$ slice of Chesse Pizza. Everything is huge in New York, and especially so the food servings. With a happy tummy and few more hours before M got back, I headed to the hotel to catch up on some sleep.

The evening was filled with roaming around in the twinkling Times Square. 

This life size sculpture caught my eye. Attached on this truck, these men atop a bar, do they peak to you? It seemed to me that these men were watching from above the madness that the Times Square night was offering. Called the "Lunchtime on a Skyscraper - A Tribute to America's Heroes" this sculpture made by Sergio Furnari shows the real Americans - the immigrant construction workers who work hard to make the city look like the big, bold, beautiful city of New York.

Strolling lazily, we found ourselves in front of the 30 Rockefeller Center. The bronze-gold statue of the Greek legend, Prometheus was breathtaking. 

"Prometheus, teacher in every art, brought the fire that hath proved to mortals a mean to mighty ends." says the inscription behind on the wall.

Almost midnight, we searched for a place to eat and found a quaint Italian joint not far from our hotel. Bliss!! You can tell from my smile! ;)


My New York Moment

I am back from two weeks of awesomeness in the breathtaking city of New York and the hangover is pretty bad. Each time I travel to a new place the feeling of I-don't-want-to-go-back creeps up slyly on the day of return, but this time around the feeling of I'm-missing-NYC-already was so strong.

I loved everything about the city. And I'm just not sayin....I did! While my husband found it too crowded, I loved the high-on-energy attitude of the people jaywalking around their way through the busy streets of NYC. While towards the end my husband was missing his daal-chawal, I still had room for the lip smacking eatery options that the city offers. 

From subway travels to lone long walks; from starting your day with bitter, rich, smooth coffee to quenching your summer thirst with gazillion beers; from napping in the welcoming lush green parks to gazing at the daunting skyscrapers; from humming along with the street artists to getting awestruck with the majestic Broadway shows; I never had a dull moment in the Big Apple.

But my defining New York moment came on a day when I helped a fellow tourist couple with the subway directions! Oh yes I did and confident I was! I was heading back to my hotel after spending a lazy afternoon walking in the streets of Little Italy, ChinaTown and Greenwich Village when I noticed an elderly couple, very cute but very lost. Their gaze ran from the map in their hands to the popping subway alerts and they were at it for at least 5 minutes. They asked a fellow passenger, but he too perhaps a tourist or new in the city couldn't help them much. It is then that I intervened and helped them out. I felt like such a New Yorker then! :D

If there was a quiz (and I'm sure there must have been one), like the many social quizzes that seem to spam my FB wall, about the Most-suited-city-for-you-to-live-in I am sure mine would be New York!

I will continue with my New York Travel Tales and more, till then dream of NYC baby!

Oh and most important travel tip for first time NYC travellers: Download the Subway map on your mobile. I downloaded a simple Pdf map (below) and it was a life saver!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014


Tongue tied
they stared,
As the forgotten scars
started brewing again.

The memories of the war,
the blood, love, lust and betrayal;
Threatened to fire up...

Until he wiped off his ego,
along with the 
embarrassed sweat

And said "I am sorry" 
as she broke down in his arms.

Word Count: 49


Linking this to the Fiction Challenge ‘From 15 to 50′