Friday, June 20, 2014

Inspiration from Little Sunshines

For some days now, I had been feeling quite low and frustrated due to the stubborn writers block, which coupled with the Delhi heat and humidity had me desperately seeking for some inspiration, anywhere and everywhere. Then life magically unfolded a beautiful opportunity and in tiny hands, cheerful smiles, tapping feet and innocent souls filled with energy, warmth, love and trust, I found my much needed inspiration and few bonus life lessons!

A month back, the dynamic duo, Sulekha and Kriti  of Social Potpourri had asked me if I would be interested in conducting a Dance workshop for the children at Udayan Care, a Public Charitable Trust working towards providing a home, education, empowerment and empathy to vulnerable children, women and youth of the underprivileged society in India. 

Ecstatic, my immediate response was YES! I strongly believe that Dance, more than just a means of entertainment, is a Universal language that can bind a society together spreading joy and happiness to all and this opportunity, to teach to those who matter the most in our world, I couldn't have let go. 

Truth be told, I was very nervous, as hubby drove me down to the Udayan center. I have very less experience in teaching kids and here I was told I would be dealing with a group of about 30 children aged 5-9 years. Oh man!! But as soon as we entered they welcomed us with such warmth and enthusiasm, making me feel at ease in seconds. You see the role reversal here? :)

Things never actually turn out the way you plan them, especially around kids right? For starters the playlist that I had created (after very carefully selecting both Hindi and English songs that would be apt for these little ones) wouldn't open. While I stood in front of the laptop trying very hard not to panic, the energized bunch were creating havoc all around - few flying paper planes, other showing off their dancing abilities by doing cartwheels and back-flips, all in a bid to grab my attention! How could I not smile :)

I just hit play and we started out with some easy steps. Quick to grasp and generous with suggestions and compliments I had a fabulous time taking the workshop. After a while we switched to just having fun, playing songs on their request and sweating it out, literally! My husband enjoyed the role of managing the music system and the children's demands. He was amazed at their knowledge of the latest songs and movies! From across the room I could hear his eyes speak, "we should do this more often" :)

After the session, after the sweaty hugs and giggling thank yous, there were two kids who kept hovering around. They insisted that I teach them the entire song so that they could perform in the upcoming competitions. I loved how determined they were and after repeats of 'and 5-6-7-8' they were set to go! :)

I know goodbyes are usually tough. But when you get a beautiful card saying thank you, hugs varying from shy to bear hug to bone-crushing hug, girls shouting out 'love you thousand di' and happy heads peeking through the iron gates waving goodbye, you leave with a content and happy heart thinking how you can do this all over again and soon!

I was so immersed with dancing with the kids that it completely slipped my mind to take pictures! :( I know! But I am hoping the Udayan Care volunteers who did click-click will send me a copy soon and of course then I'll share!!

Anyone feel like volunteering, do visit the Udayan Care page and see how you can help.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Delhi Decor: Hidden treaures

Sitting in a shed, breathing in the smells of paint and wood polish, I am at Amar colony furniture market, waiting to carry home some handsome decor for my new home. :)

Unlike the well known Kirti Nagar, Panchkuian road and your one stop likes of Home town, Amar colony market is hidden behind the neighbourhood Gurudwara, squuezed into little lanes around what used to be a park. What was earlier perhaps a refugee camp, mainly of Sikhs, displaced from West Punjab, the market boasts of dealing in authentic teak, sheesham and also your modern board wood items.

As you enter, the one with a seasoned eye catches the brilliant eclectic vintage, colonial and tibetan styled decor items. (A newbie could mistake it to be just junk).

Mostly second hand, you can catch really good bargains if you have patience and a keen observation.

Here's a peek into this hidden treasure (island) and soon as I have my home done, I'll share those pictures too!

So what do you think? I am in love with this market and I'm sure they will be a couple of more visits during the coming months. Care to join me?

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