Tuesday, May 20, 2014

To Let Go

Walking down the aisle
Arm in arm,
Your radiance fills the open skies
My heart swells,
And I stagger at these last few steps
They seem like a hundred miles...

Rushes of memory fly past
I take a deep sigh,
the first time my hand let go of yours
plays like a loop...
In my mind it's set in a cast.

The sunset had set ablaze the sky
and I could see the same colours
In your eye, confident,
Into the dusk you had rode off...

On the bike had hopped my little girl
But once of, you had transformed
I had known then, you'd leave one day...

But it seems like just yesterday...
And I am not ready....yet...

To let go...

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Sunday, May 11, 2014

The Game

Seeing him sulk like that, she realized that she could no longer hide the truth.

Her love for him was stronger than the joyous feeling of winning a game.

She took a deep breath, fetched the chocolate bar from her bag and with a brave smile knocked at his door.

"Hey, I'm sorry, the winning 36 points were courtesy the dictionary, and here take this, you won the scrabble game fair and square!", she confessed in a single breath.

"Ha!! Sucker!! I knew elder sisters were good for nothing!", smirked the little one devouring the bitter-sweet taste of the win!


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100 words on Saturday
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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Reflections on 'Shades of Life'

I love variety. Even as a person, at a point in time, you'll find me juggling with if not three at least two things at a time. Variety is the spice of life and that's what A-Z gave me - Beautiful, Unique and Diverse connections from all over the world which I intend to nurture and carry forward in my blogging world. A few terrific blogs that I discovered along this challenge - PatriciaDebiCarol (each and every dog story was fabulous), The Multicolored ladyJemima (won a giveaway too on her space), YvonneMissADebbieKristin, MorganAmrit...and many more ;)

This was my first monthly challenge ever and one very important take away for me has been "the importance of community", a family where along with the friendly banter there is a huge pool, cool and blue, where you can dive into when feeling low and let the encouraging and motivating words float you up! Thanks Corinne for the A to Z 2014 Facebook Group! *Group Hugs Everyone*!! Special mention and kisses to ShailajaRichaMeenaTulikaEliBelooSuzyShilpaSulekhaSreeja and Kathy

I am grateful to my family for sharing my enthusiasm even if they don't know head or tail about blogging. My Mom commented on almost all my stories and made sure my Dad read them too. Even if I was a day late she would message me and ask where was the day's alphabet! My sister joined in this madness from another and answered frantic calls any time of the day and heard me about sobbing how my muse has left me stranded! And my husband did what he knows best, bought me chocolates and wine and gently nudged me to keep going!

A very special mention to my friend Deepanshu who waited patiently for the A-Z to end so that we could embark on our new project! Can't contain my bubbly heart anymore...Friends show some love to our new blog that we have started - The Dance Bible, a space meant for the dancer in you, the one who tap their feet even if offbeat on any kind of music!

This has been an awesome experience, and although I couldn't schedule by posts as suggested by the A-Z veterans, the rush of daily writing - creating stories, thinking aloud and in your dreams, on way to work, on your desk, eating....you get the gist, well that adrenaline rush has helped me discover a whole new side of me!

Thank you truly, deeply to all those who made A-Z possible and will I participate next year? Is there even a doubt?

P.S. You can catch my entire 'Shades of Life' - a series of short fictions each based on a colour prompt here.