Monday, December 16, 2013

Part 9 - Dreams

Contd from Part 8 - Clearing doubts

Dreamily you look into my eyes
I see what you see
I promise, taking your hand
This touch, my word, sacred!

We dream together
of a life, a home
A place ours to be free
to be us, to be in love...

You whisper in my ear
I play with your loose black curl
Our faces burning blush
Our eyes locked in reverie

'Wait for me' I say
and I know you will
In my heart I carry you
this distance making our love stronger...

I had formed an imagery of the faceless one in my head reading this poem amongst such many...a strong exterior with a delicate heart I believed him to have..and I believed that this dream my parents had seen about a few decades back would soon become a reality.

I had called in ahead to book a room at the Kiran villas and true to their word they had a young lad waiting at their base to carry my bag. The caretaker, also the cook, had warned me that the villa is at a higher level and can be only be reached by steps. It was only when the 100 odds steps stared at me from above overpowering my small stance I realized I should have taken his warning seriously.

Reaching my room I breathed a sigh of relief and at the same time an exhilarating squeal. In the lap of nature, the surrounding mist cradling me, the sky almost in my reach. This of the most precious ones in my life.

Tea with freshly baked bread and cookies were sent up to my room along with a note..

"We treat our guests as family. Please feel at home. Warm regards - S.S"

My heart skipped a beat...the time is near. I beamed " Can I meet him, the owner?" The young lad who had brought in the note apologized saying he will probably not be back till midnight.

I quickly scurried in my bag and took out the diary and from it the letter. The letter that quietly lay between the pages of sweet odes and yearnings....the letter Pa had written to his friend but did not carry the courage or perhaps the intention to post...the letter which revealed his reasons...

"Please give this to him as soon as he comes. This is extremely urgent...understand?" I spoke a bit strongly, emphasizing on each word and handed the letter to him.

(to be contd.)

Day 7 prompt was Dreams!


  1. Wow. What'll happen after he reads that letter? Expressive!

  2. Ohhh and now what more? Will he finally meet the dad??


  3. The poem was delightful and you ended it all amidst a lot of anxiety, would love to read more.!

  4. Wow...lets hear some more now :)

  5. You have whetted my interest here! Impressive.

    1. Thanks Mary...great to see you here! Do come back!

  6. Lovely love poem and a great introduction to the prose that follows.

  7. what a lovely poem!
    enjoyed the short story too. i would like to know what will happen next. :)

  8. "We dream together
    of a life, a home
    A place ours to be free
    to be us, to be in love..."

    my favourite verse for the togetherness of the dream

    much love...

  9. you leave us waiting for more... :) very romantic with a little suspense...

  10. An excellent chapter ~ And nice to meet you ~

  11. Captivating story with a heart. Hope he meets his dad:)