Thursday, December 12, 2013

Part 6 - My father's letters

Contd from Part 5 - Moving

I felt like throwing up and rushed outside, the book still in hand. My racing heart matched the beats of rattling of the train against the iron tracks. I took a deep breath and steadied myself, seeking some peace in the beautiful landscape whisking past me. I opened the book again...carefully eyeing it this time....yes it was a it wasn't Pa's...

I squinted and started to read the first was dated 1992. I was about 5 years old was definitely from him! It simply said

"Anuj, I'm back...but broken and battered. 
I need you mate. 
Are you still in Delhi? Hoping you'll call me as soon as you get this. - S.S."

Ma had told me that they had searched for weeks for him...If Pa has this letter then why...?

I quickly turned to the next letter...

"You must be out friend...for the past one week I've been glued to my bed. I feel my legs will not be able to carry me....such is the heaviness in my heart. 
Kiran...I saw her the other day. I saw her son, his eyes as beautiful as hers. 
Why didn't you stop said you'll take care of her while I'm could she move on like that?
I couldn't face the humiliation Anuj. I couldn't face that she was someone else's...I ran...never looked back. I don't think I can look back... - S.S"

I wanted to scream. I wanted to question Pa. I wanted to know the meaning of this. With nervous hands I turned the page...

"No response from you. But writing to you eases my pain...
Love is a strange word, a different world...The once happy memories are turning sour.
I have started to question my love. Did she love me at all?
You remember this had clicked her and given it to me as I was leaving. Her smile, her eyes...sometimes I think the only reason I survived the atrocities at the border was because of this photo. I used to look at her...countless moonless nights spent like this...the bombs, the gunshots magically turned into a beautiful melody...her face the music my soul needed.
And now I can't ever bare to look at her. Trusting you with her photo and my diary - S.S.
P.S. I miss you my friend"

The letters were a haze now as I wiped a tear from my shirt sleeve. How could things go so wrong when two people are so in love? Why didn't a friend answer a friend in such dire need?

The train came to a halt. A tea vendor got in....several glass tea cups kept in a metal stand...his hand tinkling the cups rhythmically...his voice...a sing-song boyish voice repeating..."chai garam....chai garam", brought me back to present! I noticed we had reached Phagwara junction...I went back inside...Ma was perched on the berth. I wanted to hug her. I wanted to give back her lost years, her lost love. We were in this together now. We both have been lied to.

(to be contd.)

Day 4 prompt was Music!


  1. oh, dear. betrayal - or was it for the good of all?

    1. :) you'll know pretty soon! Thanks for the constant support!

  2. How sad! It is awful when this happens and quite the bitter pill to swallow. Great story.

  3. OMG!! What made him think like that. Didnt they meet after he came back?
    Great going Aditi. Looking forward to the next part. Hope it has some answers! :)

  4. Compelling story. Was it betrayal or just in his mind? Guess, love has its own complexities.

    1. Oh dear yes love has its huge deal of complexities!

  5. Looking forward to the next part can do it :) Betrayal !

  6. oh my!! You have shaped the story so well..
    So much pain and betrayal.. :-/
    I wonder why?

  7. being betrayed by someone so close must have been heart wrenching.... but glad she understood her mom..

    1. Yes the duo are getting closer...he understands now...

  8. Oh dear god... and there seems to be a case of betrayal. But I feel bad for Anuj too, he did love the lady then after all. And they say all is fair in love and war..


  9. omg...what a brilliant twist in the tale...i have all the parts opened so i can read continuously..he he :)