Wednesday, July 17, 2013

When Children turn Masters

Kids say the funniest things but at times some of the most wisest things. While we are busy making sense of the maddening world that we live in, we often forget the simple yet valuable lessons taught to us by our elders in our growing up years. Yes, we instruct our kids as to what is right or wrong but fail to implement them ourselves.


Mom yelling at her 6 year old son : I'll go mad cleaning up this mess. Haven't I told you a million times to keep your toys in the basket once you are done playing. And what's with the chocolate wrapper strewn all around? Clean up before your father comes.
Son with a sullen look silently cleans up his room.
The next day the duo went grocery shopping. Bags loaded with the week's supply, Mom decided to cool of with an ice cream. Unwrapping the cone, she handed her son one ice cream while casually throwing the wrapper on the road.
As an observant 6 year old, her Son questioned innocently : Ma why did you throw the wrapper here. You are always do keen on keeping the house tidy. Shouldn't we keep our city clean too? It's where we live!!


Sunita is a Science teacher in the nearby private school, teaching class V to VII. Just finishing the last lecture of the day she adds briskly to the impatient children, "So students, remember what we learnt today. Types of Pollution and their causes and effects. Your homework is to observe around you what caused Air, Water and Noise pollution and make a list and show me tomorrow."
On her way home in the school bus, one of her students approached her, "Ma'am why don't you tell the driver what you taught us in class today. See, our engine is running even though it's a Red light."


"My teenage daughter is out of hands these days", my friend cribbed over the phone. "Her tongue fires away at will and she stings back at me whenever I try to reason out with her". I tried to cheer up my friend and we chatted for a while. I had completely forgotten about her misery until a few days later. I was visiting her place and being the Agony Aunt that I am, decided to speak to her daughter. After much persuasion she confided in me that she was feeling very lost in this transition from being a kid to an adult. In the middle of our discussion she reacted very strongly to something I said, "WHY? My mom can shout, to the point of being rude to my grandmother and our old (she is really old) maid, then why am I questioned and not her?" Oh, the difficult teenagers, I thought to myself.
But she had a point didn't she?


Kids learn from us. So whatever you do, think twice before acting because you are always setting an example. Try not letting them down. Don't just preach but Practice. Let your kids, students, younger siblings, get a chance to say " I Saw, I Learnt."

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  1. Hi Aditi

    Nice examples quoted, have a realistic feel.
    I like the way you write too. Keep up at it.


    1. Thanks for stopping by my page Animesh. Glad you liked the post!!

  2. Well said Aditi! First practice and then there may be no need to preach. Parents and teachers especially have to be role models for thier kids :)

  3. its so so so very true .. we just ignore things we do .. I have noticed kids do absorb .. silently and give it back to us ... !! As they say .. perfect yourself before anyone else :)
    The last point is real-true ... how we treat our elders is how the children learn to behave with us ! the learning age of kids .. should be handled with loads of precaution .. coz once they have the right things inculcated into them..they are able to take rational decisions in life
    very nice read !!

    1. ate an observant bunch n ts our duty to teach them what's right by doing right!

  4. nice post aditi! AND SO TRUE

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