Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Freedom of Indifference

The Freedom of Indifference

You can't make a difference now
Whatever you say or do
The doors and windows are closed
Walk away, there is nothing to salvage

You're like the many heads in the crowd
I'll return the gesture if you'll smile,
But you won't stir a thing inside
You don't matter. I'm happy. Content.
The only thing that matters is Me.

If anything at all, I want to say Thank You...
Thank you for the new found freedom
To ask nothing. To expect nothing. To depend on nothing.
You can't make a difference now, but in ways you already have.

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Note: After writing this Poem, I was thinking of a suitable title. Two words were playing in my head, 'Indifference' and 'Freedom'. When I googled the same, I was surprised to see that there actually exists a theory of ' Freedom of Indifference'. I found the below lines most interesting and somewhat close to what I wanted to express above.

It is called freedom of indifference not because the human will cannot be influenced by something other than itself, but that it always must retain enough “indifference” (or autonomy) to never be determined by such outside influences, for if it is determined by anything outside itself, it is not ultimately “free.”  In fact, “it even seemed that freedom could find no better way of asserting itself than to struggle against” human sensibilities, habits, passions, etc. (335).  Only one passion can be considered primitive to man—his passion to self-affirmation, “to the assertion of a radical difference between itself and all else” (338).



  1. say it well, there is truly freedom in indifference.

  2. that's a great attitude to keep when there's little you can do to change the situation you're in...freedom by choice...liberating! :)

    1. Well...freedom of choice of not getting influence by something other than itself!! A choice to rise above the petty things around you and not struggle with those that you can't change!!

  3. the last line leaves me with such vivid emotions of things I have experienced. As much as we hate to admit somethings or people have already left their impact in our lives despite us denying it.

    A lovely thought process you have :-) and I just saw another post on lucknow. You belong to lucknow??

    1. Hey Richa...thanks...glad these lines struck a chord with u... :)

      Yes Lucknow is whr both my parents are from...hv spent endless summer hols at my grandparents place there...wht abt u??? :)

  4. Thank you for visiting my site. Your words leave a lot to think about and consider. We are influenced by so many things, including people. Our passion to create is often inspired by such things and experiences. I believe that true freedom comes in consciously choosing when to step in or out.


    1. Wise words Elizabeth! Thank you for stopping by!

  5. Aditi, its beautiful. I can feel the break up and the hurt inside. and the line which sums it all 'You can't make a difference now, but in ways you already have.'