Saturday, June 22, 2013

Child in You

I'm feeling it today...the energy, the rush, the twirl simply pen 'it' down...However, the 'it' is still undefined in my mind.
There are days when i just can't write...Even if something inspires me, I don't feel it, not on that particular day...and then suddenly it comes back to me, an image in my head, like a reel playing...the memories...clear and crisp.

Playing in the heap of sand, eating a little bit of it too...
Making castles on the beach sand, writing our names over it...
Getting dirty in the muddy field just after the first pour, playing football...

All day long today, these images have been flirting with my mind :) :) 

Source: Google images
Yesterday one of my cousins messaged me, "Feel like turning back time a little". I sighed in that minute. Haven't we all at some point or the other wished the same? Craved for those carefree days? How we wish to run away from our day to day routine lives and hide in the cupboard...only to be opened by our childhood friend 20 years in the past!!

But why do we pine for those days, when all one has to do is close their eyes and let those happy reminiscences consume us. What stops us from releasing the child within?
When was the last time you smiled without reason, danced without music, laughed till your stomach hurt?? Remember something absolutely crazy and funny you did in your childhood? Remember the unabated joy it gave you? 

Recreate that magic today!! Let the child in you take along!! It sure can teach you a thing or two!! :)

Source: Google images


  1. Good one...takes me back to my childhood days

    1. :) glad u njoyd Brajadulal!! So what's ur wackiest childhood memory??

  2. well.. i truly believe my childhood things should not vanish .. at least the ones like getting drenched in rains and joking around ... i know smiles and laughter make life easier :)
    Wonderful post Aditi!!

    1. Thanks a lot :)
      btw hws ur net connectivity now? I'm facing the same problem and the customer service makes it a even more harassing experience...only you could have turned it into a hilarious post :) Loved it!!