Thursday, May 23, 2013

Of PJ Tales....and Crazy Cousins :)

May photo a day challenge

I think of PJs and ......FLASHBACKS!!


It's past 2:00 AM, all of us cousins, aged between 6-10 years, are jumping up and down the bed, in our colourful PJs, playing pillow fight :) We've just finished our third bowl of choco-chip ice cream and are all pumped up!! Our Moms and Aunts are dreading the mess that'll greet them in the morning but unable to control the excited bunch, have just retired to the other room!!


We are in our tender teens...wearing the VJ inspired PJs(those days VJs of MTV and Channel V were the talk of the town!!), we are discussing in hushed tones, our new crush in school, the subject we flunked in, cracking silly jokes and laughing insanely till the wee hours of dawn!!


Yawn!! We are tired but just not ready for the day to end. It's my wedding tomorrow :) and after years, all of us cousins are together again!! Passing on the only DEAR beer bottle around (this was the last bottle in the fridge...soon we would be moving on to some stronger stuff ;)) we are debating on who is going to be the next one to get hitched!! Teasing each other, humming an old tune, grinning  at Life's inevitables....we're still the same excited bunch of cousins....just our PJs have grown in size!!



  1. Cousins are such integral part of our growing up years, aren't they? Your post reminds me of my cousins and how I had actually lost my first tooth in one such pillow fight with my cousins!

    1. Hehe :) u did?!? So cute!! Summer hols are the time when I miss my cousins the most!! Such fond memories :) Sigh...