Sunday, May 19, 2013

My Favourite View - Sunset!!

SUNSETS are my favourite time of the day!! Enjoying a cup of coffee as the sun goes down, one gets time to reflect on the day that has gone by...

This picture clicked almost a year back on a trip to the quaint and serene hill station Dalhousie (Himachal Pradesh, India) is one of my precious ones!!

A part of the May Photo A Day Challenge


  1. nice pic.... the clouds and setting sun..

  2. Lovely shot. Nice capture of light.

    1. Thanks Indrani!! I was just browsing through your 'Faces of India' clicks... Very well thought and all very earthy pics!! Congrats :)

  3. I love Dalhousie and sunsets. I sit and watch sunsets from my living room window. I live on 8th floor and the next town is on a lower level and with the hills in the background, it's lovely. I feel I am getting my money's worth :)

    Beautiful shot!

  4. Wow it must be so beautiful living atop hills!! :) Lucky u!! wish I cud do just a sunset sitting in my living room with a good book and strong coffee!! Aahhh...Bliss!!

  5. Sunset and Sun raise Both are the most romantic views.
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