Thursday, April 4, 2013


You travel by Metro/Bus/ meet starngers....You give a glance and pass by....

Have these passersby ever left back an impression....? overhear check out what they this 30-60 minute journey do you judge them...?...question their ways??

Do you smile....politely give your seat to an elderly...strike up a conversation...hold someone's bag...?...Or do you struggle...push and for that empty seat...whine and crib?

I have been travelling by the Delhi Metro for about 2 years now. I take the Noida - Rajiv Chowk route for work. Delhi Metro has definitely made travelling are not stressed by the maddenning and ever increasing traffic on the roads; however hurried you are, you can take a breather in the metro; you can catch up on your reading, listening to your favourite music...
For me it has become the most preferred mode of transport; More so because of the Passersby!!
I love to read their faces...catch tit-bits of their conversations...weave and imagine stories around them.

The little girl with two plaits, running across the metro, swing around the pole - carefree, innocent and oblivios to the world around her...
The old lady, wheatish in complexion with silvery boy cut hair dressed smartly in pants and kurti - independent, progressive yet restrained in her ways...
The two newly weds all dressed up with bright bangles and high heels, sharing with each other the stories of their new homes - excited, nervous yet confidently entering into a future unfamiliar...
The shy couple, standing in the space between the ladies and the general compartment, holding hands, whispering into each others ears, waiting for this moment to freeze, saddened by the thought of separating on the next stop - in love, content and hopeful of a future together...
The lonesome girl, standing by the door, peering out of the window, brushing away the tear - hurt yet standing tall...
The cheerful bunch of girls, dressed in the trendiest of clothes, chattering and laughing reminding you of your school/college days when your friends are your world - Joyful, Playful, Loyal and supportive...

A Mother. A Daughter. A Child. A Sister. A Daughterinlaw. A Friend. A Lover. A Granma...................
Happy. Solemn. Kind. Irritable. Tired. Excited. Forlorn. Anxious. Joyous. Bored. Talkative..................
Same Emotions. Different People.
Same Situations. Different Stories.
Same Characters. Different Actors.
I see these faces everyday.

And all I do is Smile :) I smile at these Passersby for who knows a smile may bright up their lives, perhaps make it more Beautiful...I may or may not get back a smile in return but as someone has rightly said "Today, give a stanger one of your smiles. It might be the only sunshine he sees all day" (Quoted in P.S. I Love You)


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    1. Thanks a lot first attempt at writing something like this!!

  2. This one is so different from your earlier posts, simple, honest and appealing.
    Keep smiling!

    1. Thanks my regular reader!! Appreciate ur constant support n kind comments :)

  3. Wow ! Intriguing ..
    Like 'weave and imagine stories' part !

    1. Heya!! Thanks :) glad u njoyd reading!!

  4. Beautiful Aditi....I notice the 'passersby' everytime I take the bus...There are so many stories ..I just feel drawn you know?

  5. Aditi, it is really interesting to watch strangers smiling and imagine whats happening in their life.

  6. Nicely written. You take the reader with you and make her see what you see during your daily commute. Engaging read! I too am quite fond of people a watching in the metro (whenever I get to ride in one during my travels to Delhi).

  7. Love it. What an uplifting post! I, too, love watching and listening in on people when I travel. I loved your descriptions of the people. I could just picture them.

  8. I do the same while traveling :) I guess writers find stories everywhere, loved it Aditi.

  9. I too love watching people. Forming my own stories around them. A Nice warm post. :)

  10. Nice post aadi and I Really Like it,