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A woman dreams of her marriage ever since she is a little girl, playing make-belief in her little room with her friends. What she doesn't dream is of running away on the night of her wedding. That dream came to me. That day as I put on my maang-tikka and looked at myself in the mirror, I smiled after ages. "You are going to run away from your own wedding!", a mischievous reflection answered back.

Earlier that day, my trusted aide, Sunanda, had delivered my message to Lord Krishna and I knew he would come. I had confessed my love for him and also informed him of how my brother, Rukmi had arranged my marriage with his friend Shishupala, the crown prince of Chedi, against my wishes.

I don't know how my brother thought that Shishupala was a better fit for me as a husband in comparison to Lord Krishna. Krishna with his playfulness , his charm, his courage and his intelligence had won me over the very first day our eyes had met.

And so, with my love for Lord Krishna giving me the strength to take the decision, I eloped from Vidharbha, and married the man of my dreams. From the outset, I knew I was not just marrying a name, but a name along with which came many responsibilities and sacrifices. There were times when people mocked me for being so gullible and naive as to allow Krishna to have multiple wives, but I trusted the love and respect we had for each other, and also knew that each marriage brought its own strategic advantage with it.

I was never jealous of the other wives, I respected their sentiments. I did believe that they loved him, as much as I did. So when Satyabhama, went about boasting of the love she and Krishna shared, I wasn't offended. But I was annoyed when she made a mockery out of it.

It was not her fault entirely, though. It was sage Narada, and one of his many tricks. He played on her insecurities and caught her in a moment of uncertainty, "Is it really true that Krishna loves Rukmini more than you?” he asked. "You are far more beautiful and charming than her. You are the younger queen. Don't you think you deserve more attention?” he prodded further.

And that's how Satyabhama fell in his trap and made the vow to hand over Krishna to sage Narada as a slave. "I will allow you to trade him in for an equivalent weight of your riches. Seeing that you are willing to trade in your wealth for him, Krishna will admire you for your sacrifice and you will become his favourite queen." he said slyly.

Krishna let this play out and without a word sat on one side of the scale as Satyabhama started piling up the gold, jewels and gemstones on the other plate. The scale showed no sign of movement. Even when the other wives lent all their jewels, it still did not outweigh Lord Krishna's side. It was then that a very nervous and apologetic Satyabhama came to me seeking help.

I plucked a single leaf of Tulsi and walked towards Lord Krishna, with a puzzled Satyabhama walking behind. I placed the leaf on top of the pile of gold and the scales swung in our favour. Krishna then asked Satyabhama to remove all the riches from the scale. The single tulsi leaf still weighed more than Krishna, leaving Satyabhama stunned and humbled.

True love isn't possessive, it is not selfish. A single leaf of tulsi, had more love and devotion than the combined riches of all the wives. Satyabhama understood her mistake and together we won back our Krishna leaving Narada disappointed.

True love does not demand anything, it is patient and kind, without any insecurities, without any need for demonstrations - the kind of love that Lord Krishna and I had - eternal, infinite.


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  1. Oh this is a very sweet tale; I have loved it since I read it for the first time. The other popular one is about the Shiuli flowers and these three + Narada who fired it all up as usual. Glad to see you are back Aditi!! :-)

    Visit my blog for the Pergrination Chronicles as I meander through the AtoZchallenge where I am telling travel tales by the alphabet!!

    ​Wish upon the stars

  2. What a beautiful story , narrated with such skill. Really loved this one

  3. Very interesting tale of the special bond between Rukmini and Krishna. The style of your narration is engaging as always!

  4. A very interesting tale of the special bond between Krishna and Rukmini. The style of your narration is engaging as always!

  5. I loved reading this from Rukmini's perspective. Your narration is so beautiful. Narad muni always love to cause trouble, doesn't he 😋
    From A to Z
    Travel Tales

  6. Love is worth more than any jewels. I like that.

    Emily | My Life In Ecuador | Water. Clean Drinking Water

  7. Loved this tale. I am intrigued by the character of Rukmini and I love her.

  8. Really loved this one. A very beautiful tale with a meaningful lesson...

  9. I love how you interpreted the story of pure love in the Mahabharata. Rukmini is quite an intriguing character and would love to write a love story in my own way with Mahabharata characters.

  10. That is so beautiful, my friend! You are such a talented story teller -. capture my interest from the first word. keep them coming sweetie. Hope you are well and happy. Sending hugs:-)

  11. I love this story! In fact, I've enjoyed the entire series, even though you didn't finish it (and I didn't manage to comment on all the posts) ��

    Modern Gypsy

  12. You, my friend, have a way with words. Beautiful tale. :)

  13. In the olden ages the love between Krishna and Rukmani has always been interpreted as beautiful...Well said that love is more divine than jewels