Thursday, April 13, 2017

Kaikeyi #AtoZChallenge‏ @AprilA2Z

I am told no one will ever be named Kaikeyi.

I am told that I am a disgrace and that my obstinance killed my King. The King whom I had loved the most; The King for whose safety I had given up my own.

I was raised as a warrior princess. Growing up with seven brothers, I never had any maternal influence since my father, King Ashwapati had banished my mother for not being a good influence, when I was very young. Did I harbour my insecurities from that early point on, I sometimes wonder when questioned why I did what I did.

Or was I insecure of my King's other wives? I nod in disbelief at this assumption people around me make. I was brave and had no inhibitions; in my heart I knew I was the true, the rightful Queen of Ayodhya. Would anyone else have accompanied my King, King Dasharath, to the battle against the demon, Samharasura. I was his charioteer and when things turned for the worse in the battlefield, was I not the one who saved his life and won us the battle? So when King Dasharath rewarded me with two boons for my devotion and courage, I gladly accepted and wisely reserved them for future.

I am told I was jealous and insecure for no reason, when I asked for my two boons. One that my Son, Bharata be crowned as King instead of the eldest Son, Rama. And two, that Rama be exiled for fourteen years. I loved Rama as my own, but had I not sent him to exile would he be able to fulfill his destiny? In the greater scheme of the cosmic plan, is it too difficult to forgive me?

They mask the choices I made, choices that were intelligent and call them out for being evil. My judgment is questioned too, as I am told I made the wrong choices under Manthara's vicious influence. Manthara, who was the only Mother I had known; who followed me from Kekaya to Ayodhya; who wanted the best for me, like I wanted the best for my Bharatha.

Do I regret my actions, I am asked? I am saddened, yes, that my actions led to my King's heartbreak. But then again, wasn't that the curse of Shravan Kumar's parents that was coming true?


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  1. I read a story like this from the Old Testament - of a woman (not mentioning names) who is to this day judged and held up as a bad example (to quote, she is known as the "disobedient woman". Makes me so mad), but if you read the story from her POV, you know she had reasons to act the way she did. Just like the women of our mythologies, she's also put up on a harsh pedestal to be judged instead of understood.

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  3. This is brilliant Aditi. I loved Kaikeyi's viewpoint and it looked so justified on her behalf. Had she not made the wishes, we wouldn't be reading Ramayana for ages😊

  4. Kaikeyi's view point as of the countless villians is always overlooked in our mythology. I have always loved such tales and this one is a good one too
    Theme: Peregrination Chronicles (travel)
    K is for Kathakali in Kerala #atozchallenge

  5. You have presented Kakeyi's view point with brilliance. Enjoying this series and waiting for the compilation in book form

  6. Really like the story and really like the voice. I'm not familiar with the original, but I suppose this is normally view as an evil character? I like the way you present us as a person with desires and goals.

    Thanks for sharing :-)

    The Old Shelter - 1940s Film Noir

  7. Interesting read. I reckon I'd ever be able write from Kaikeyi's perspective. It requires a lot of imagination.

  8. I just remember me telling to a person - to live like a maharani is to live without any rights- true, didnt kaikeyi suffer that very problem. her insecurity is what every second or third wife of a king would suffer.
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    *Menaka Bharathi *


  9. I never knew this part of Kaikeyi's story, i guess no one talks about the negative , the villian, in her defense she seems right, not sure if she was right or weong in the larger scheme of things

  10. It was nice to know about the story from the other perspective. Often we accept what is shown to be good as good without really trying to understand the entire perspective.

  11. Oh it reminded me of the full kaikeyi and manthra scene from ramayana. She was not that bad but manthra tricked her. Good to know more about her.