Saturday, April 8, 2017

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What is done is done. Here I lie, part of me, just my lower lip, and I look at my husband carrying my charred remains, tears rolling down his eyes, moaning in pain. Here I will remain, and devotees will build temples around this site and call me Fullara Devi, but no one will understand the meaning of it all.

What is desire? What is the meaning of vengeance? What is our purpose in life?  I find myself pondering over these questions as I look at my ascetic husband. Smeared in ashes, drunk on bhaang, covered with snakes and accompanied by ghosts, he is so ignorant of the world. He is unaware that his sorrow threatens the well-being of the world. Oh my Bholenath - the ignorant one, how did I let this happen.

I married Shiva against my father, Daksha's wishes. To irk me he organized a yagna (fire-sacrifice) and invited everyone except us. Despite Shiva's warning I went there to confront my father but instead of realizing his mistake and seeking our forgiveness, he mocked my husband's recluse ways in front of all the guests. Unable to face this public humiliation, I jumped into the sacrificial fire causing my husband deep rage and sorrow. He turned into Virabhadra, a fierce warrior, and beheaded Daksha seeking vengeance. 

But did that take away his pain?

No. Instead now, he  has completely shunned away desire. He thinks that had he not desired me so much, he wouldn't have felt this helpless. 

He prefers the stillness, the silence, the bliss, the cold ragged mountains now. He has withdrawn and given up all things worldly.

And that is why he needs me, now more than ever. I need to teach him the importance of balance, that desire can bring love, affection, contentment and compassion but if we let it out of control it can lead to anger, dissatisfaction and sorrow. 

And that is why I will be reborn as Parvati. the feminine counterpart of Shiva. I will be all that he is not. He may open his third eye, and set Kama, the God of desire, aflame. He may reject me but I will not give up and continue to pray till Shiva submits to my desire.

Because it is desire that makes the world go round. Without it, there will be no rebirth, no regeneration, no reproduction.

The world will come to a standstill.

What is our purpose in life, if we, like Shiva, give up everything and transform into hermits. Not everyone can achieve his transcendent state.

And that is why Shiva and Shakti must unite, only then the balance will be restored. 


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  1. Wow! That's another unknown-to-me-story beautifully presented. You are a master story teller, Aditi!! way to go!!

  2. It is refreshing to read the mythological story again.

    Fellow A-Z Challenger

  3. Very nice story!

    Stopping by from the A to Z Challenge!

  4. I didnt know of this tale and you have indeed set it in style!
    Theme: Peregrination Chronicles (travel)
    Flower power #atozchallenge

  5. I remember being distraught when I had first heard the story... that was years ago... I could feel the pain the shiva.
    Loved your narration :)

  6. Although I have a keen interest in mythology, I had never heard of this story before. Thank you for sharing this with us.

    Needless to say, you're an awesome story-teller.


  7. Another fabulous one! So tell me, why the name and why just the lip?

    1. Fullara means 'flowering' or 'blooming'. When Lord Shiva was doing the tandav (dance of destruction) carrying Sati's dead body, her different body parts fell in different places. These places came to be important places of worships known as Shakti peethas. A shrine was made where Sati's lower lip fell and that 'shakti' was worshiped as 'Fullara Devi'

  8. Fabulous. Never knew her name was Fullara Devi though. Is Sati and Fullara Devi the same then?
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    1. Fullara Devi formed from Sati's lower lip. So it is a part of Sati devi, one of the 51 shakti peethas (places of worship where Sati's different body parts fell)

  9. Aditi, this A to Z challenge is going to culminate into an interesting store house of information on the many characters you choose and the stories you weave around them with amazing precision!! Great going!